‘Bob Ross’ Collections Leaving Netflix in June 2020

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Bob Ross – Picture: PBS

Two collections of Bob Ross’s PBS series will be removed from Netflix in late May 2020 meaning that there’ll be no way to watch any of the magnificent paintings from Bob Ross on Netflix. Here’s why they’re leaving and why it may not be completely terrible news. 

As you’re probably all aware, Bob Ross is the late painter who produced hundreds of episodes where he taught novices how to paint. He was known for his calming presence and unique art style. The series originally aired on PBS under the name of The Joy of Painting between 1983 up until 1994.

Netflix has held two collections of Bob Ross titles since June 1st, 2016. Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere is 26 episodes long and features a selection of the PBS series. Chill with Bob Ross is the other collection which is due to expire from Netflix too which also features 26 episodes.

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Both shows are set to leave Netflix not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, and other countries. All 52 episodes are leaving Netflix on June 1st, 2020.

What’s the good news?

Well, thanks to YouTube and other platforms it’s easier than ever to dive into Bob Ross content. On YouTube, you can find pretty much every single episode of The Joy of Painting through the curated playlists. You can also find some of the new content the channel is creating including a new host, Nic Hankins who plans to keep the dream alive.

Twitch also regularly hosts binges of Bob Ross titles where you can engage in chat while watching with fellow fans. At the time of publishing, a weekend marathon was taking place with around 3,000 people tuned in.

It could also be good news in the sense that Netflix regularly cycles its content on PBS. Just recently, we saw a few documentaries come and go from the platform. It may be the case that we get a new batch of episodes but for the moment, we’re not aware that’s the case.

Will you miss the two Bob Ross collections once they leave Netflix? Let us know down below.

‘Bob Ross’ Collections Leaving Netflix in June 2020

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