Always A Witch Season 2: Will Netflix renew for another season?

Always a Witch / Siempre Bruja – Netflix

Always a Witch has now been on our Netflix subscriptions for just over a week and if you’re wondering whether it’ll be returning, here’s our take and the official renewal status on the show plus when we’d expect it to return should it get a second season. 

The series was first announced by Netflix back in December 2017 but took a year to come to fruition on Netflix itself. The series is about a young witch who travels to the future to prevent being burned at the stake. The series is the second full Colombian series to air on Netflix and is filmed entirely in Colombia in locations such as Bogota, Cartagena, and Honda.

Always a Witch Season 2 Renewal Status

Netflix Official Renewal Status: Not yet renewed (last updated: 02/09/2019)

As of the time of writing, the series has yet to get a second season order. That’s not a big deal as it usually takes Netflix a couple of months with a full set of metrics to decide whether it’s a good investment to renew the show.

Of the metrics we do have access to, we can tell the show has seen growth in popularity on IMDb plus critic reviews have generally been favorable.

It’s worth noting the series isn’t dubbed as a limited series which usually means the show intends to get future seasons.

Will the controversy hurt Always a Witch Season 2 chances?

The show has gone under some criticism mainly because some of the subject matter it covers and the ending. The ending in particular, where the Carmen Eguiluz chooses to go back at the end of the movie to live with her slave master.

Most of the controversy has been put down to cultural differences but still, it’s sparked a debate on Twitter and beyond about how the series portrays slavery.

In a post entitled, “How Siempre Bruja missed the mark”, the author went onto say: “Hiding behind the “love conquers all/ power of love” platitude like Carmen is not returning to the cruel reality as a Black slave in the 17th Century? No one is asking for these slave/slave owner love stories. That should not be a form of story development in 2019.”

When will season 2 of Always a Witch be on Netflix?

Assuming that Netflix gives the show a speedy renewal, we could get the new series as early as January 2020. With that said, some foreign titles, particularly ambitious ones like Always a Witch can take multiple years to get released. We’ll update this once we hear more.

Do you want to see Always a Witch return for a second season? Let us know in the comments.