Beauty and the Beast is Leaving Netflix in March 2019

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Beauty and the Beast – Picture by Disney

The Disney movie Beauty and the Beast will soon be departing from Netflix as per the Disney deal. Here’s exactly when the movie will be leaving Netflix, where it’ll end up next, and, most importantly, why it’s leaving Netflix.

Not content with leaving some of their best licenses as animation titles, Disney is remaking some of their most well-known and beloved films and giving them live-action counterparts. Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson was the first one to release the floodgates with Aladdin and Lion King next in line for live-action reboots.

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The movie first released in cinemas in March 2017 and was included in the now finished Netflix & Disney deal. As a result, it was added to Netflix in both the United States and Canada on September 19th, 2017.

All movies that were released in this contract are only on Netflix for 18 months meaning that it’s currently due to expire as part of the March scheduled departures. We explain in more details plus give you a removal schedule of all the Disney movies in our list here.

Will Netflix Canada also lose Beauty and the Beast in March?

Yes. The deal between Netflix and Disney is exactly the same as in the United States. Canada got the Beauty and the Beast at the same time so will also see it removed on March 19th, 2019.

Netflix UK will now get Beauty and the Beast

As we reported last week, as the license cycle ends, Netflix UK will now receive Beauty and the Beast. Sky has now had the same license for the previous 18 months so it will now flip over to Netflix for roughly the same period of time.

Where will Beauty and the Beast stream next in the US?

We don’t think the movie will find an immediate streaming home as Disney seems to be holding back their releases now for the Disney+ service that’s due to premier to the general public later this year. That’s where the new theatrical releases will go in the future and we’d put good money on a large portion of their back catalog ending up there as well.

Will you miss Beauty and the Beast when it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

Beauty and the Beast is Leaving Netflix in March 2019

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