Could Netflix save AMC’s ‘Lodge 49’?

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Lodge 49 – Picture: AMC

AMC has decided to not renew Lodge 49 for a third season likely due to the show’s ratings but with Deadline reporting that AMC is shopping the show to other networks, could Netflix save the doomed comedy-drama?

Deadline first reported that AMC’s Lodge 49 would not be returning for a third outing. The show has had some issues with getting a stable audience tuning in live on AMC weekly (a trouble the network has with almost every show bar TWD it would seem) but reports that “it has developed devoted following”. It also states that the series has high Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

The series features Wyatt Russell (who featured in season 3 of Black Mirror “Playtest”) who as a local ex-surfer has hit hard times but finds himself in a cult-like community known as Lodge 49.

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As Deadline points out the show is now going to be shopped to other networks in a bid to save the show even though AMC has chosen not to move forward with it saying: “Lodge 49, from creator Jim Gavin, showrunner Peter Ocko and executive producer Paul Giamatti, will be shopped to other outlets shortly.”

Could Netflix save Lodge 49?

Theoretically, they could save Lodge 49 although there’s a lot of factors to take into consideration. Netflix has most recently revived the likes of Lucifer and Designated Survivor.

Sadly, Netflix is likely to be last in the queue when it comes to possibly saving the show. The first ports of call, and most importantly the people with streaming data, are Hulu and Amazon. Hulu streams the series in the United States whereas Amazon Prime handles international distribution.

Netflix and AMC parted ways several years back with most AMC productions now heading to Hulu. With that said, Netflix still gets new seasons of The Walking Dead and hosts a few other of the networks older titles too.

We’d never say never though and we’d enjoy seeing Dud join Netflix in the future but what do you think? Should Netflix revive Lodge 49? Let us know in the comments.

Could Netflix save AMC’s ‘Lodge 49’?

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