Free Rein Season 3 Has Been Renewed, Netflix Release Date?

The second season of the British kids show Free Rein has only just dropped on Netflix but the series has already been renewed for a third season. Better news yet, we could be getting new episodes by the end of 2018. 

The Netflix Original kids lineup is dominated with animated titles but some of the best and most loved titles are its live action titles. These include series like Greenhouse Academy but one of the most popular by a longshot is Free Rein. The series originates from the United Kingdom and follows an American girl who relocates to England and befriends a mysterious horse.

The series looked to be on a yearly release schedule but that appears to have sped up now that season 2 was released. Season 1 landed on Netflix in June 2017. Season 2 just released on Netflix in July 2018.

Is Season 3 of Free Rein Happening?

Yes, season 3 has already been renewed and teased on social media. IMDb and Wikipedia both state that there are another 10 episodes on the way. There’s also supposed to be a special one-off episode too.

The shows main star confirmed that the show is being filmed right now.

When will season 3 of Free Rein be on Netflix?

The main season 3 of Free Rein is expected to land on Netflix sometime in 2019. With that said, IMDb currently is stating that the likely special one-off episode is scheduled to arrive on 22nd November 2018. It also lists the further episodes to release on February 14th, 2019. We’re not fully sure on these dates but we do expect season 3 to be on Netflix by June/July 2019 at the absolute latest.

There’s no doubt that there are many more seasons to come of this show and as you may know already, the show scooped up an Emmy award too!

What to watch in the meantime…

Netflix has some other shows which should absolutely be on your radar if you love Free Rein. In the originals children lineup, we’d recommend Greenhouse Academy as it’s another superb young teen drama and The Worst Witch. We’d also suggest checking out Heartland too!

Are you looking forward to season 3 of Free Rein coming to Netflix? Let us know down below.