‘Hannibal’ Scheduled to Leave Netflix in June 2021

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hannibal scheduled to leave netflix in june 2021

Hannibal – Copyright. Sony Pictures Television

After almost a year on Netflix, fans will be saying goodbye to all three seasons of Hannibal, the popular horror-drama show that is currently scheduled to leave Netflix in the United States and Canada in June 2021.

Despite its cancelation in 2015, Hannibal has retained a popular fan following, which to this day are campaigning for the series to be revived from the dead. So when the series arrived on Netflix for the very first time in June 2020, fans were already envisioning a revival of the show, but mostly just happy to rewatch all three seasons all over again.

Hannibal proved to be one of the most popular licensed shows on Netflix when it arrived in June 2020, which saw a ginormous surge in Hannibal’s popularity and demand from fans to see Netflix continue the series as an Original.

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When is Hannibal leaving Netflix?

All three seasons of Hannibal are scheduled to leave Netflix on Saturday, June 5th, 2021. This means at the time of writing you have little under a month to rewatch the horror drama.

hannibal scheduled to leave netflix in june 2021 leaving date

Why is Hannibal leaving Netflix?

Hannibal was only added to Netflix for the first time almost a year to the day of writing (June 5th, 2020). Sadly for fans of the show, this means Netflix only has a twelve-month license to stream the show.

Where will I be able to stream Hannibal next?

Peacock could be a logical home given that Hannibal was an NBC show but given the right are distributed by Sony, it’ll like come down to the highest bidder.

It’s unclear whether Amazon and Hulu will be retaining the rights to the series.

Currently, there is no confirmation where Hannibal will be available to stream next.

hannibal scheduled to leave netflix in june 2021 cast

Hannibal – Copyright. Sony Pictures Television

Will Hannibal return to Netflix?

The scheduled leave date doesn’t mean that Hannibal will be leaving indefinitely.

Netflix has a very fruitful relationship with Sony, so we won’t be surprised to see Hannibal re-licensed in the near future.

Will Netflix revive Hannibal?

Sadly, it is highly unlikely Netflix will ever be able to pick up Hannibal, and not for the lack of trying. Netflix has previously shown interest in reviving the show but due to Hannibal’s exclusive distribution contract with Amazon has made it highly improbable we’ll ever see a revival.

There is always hope Hannibal will return in some capacity, which has the full support of the cast members who have made it known on numerous occasions that they would be happy to reprise their roles.

Will you be sad to see Hannibal leave Netflix in June 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

‘Hannibal’ Scheduled to Leave Netflix in June 2021

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