‘Hannibal’ Sees Popularity Bump on Netflix Since Addition in June 2020

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hannibal sees popularity bump on netflix

Hannibal – Picture: Sony Pictures

Hannibal is one of the latest licensed TV series Netflix has recently picked up in the United States and has seen a spike on popularity based on several metrics we can get our hands-on. It follows Community that also saw a similar popularity spike after arriving on Netflix. 

Netflix in 2020 has made a few strategic pickups when it comes to licensing older shows something it has been doing less as it focuses on creating its own Original shows.

The series isn’t brand new to Netflix as a whole. The UK Netflix and South Korea has been streaming Hannibal since 2016 and 2018 respectively. Netflix US and Netflix Canada both got seasons 1-3 added in June 2020.

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Hannibal in the Netflix Top 10s

One of the best new ways we have at tracking the popularity of TV series is through the new Netflix top 10 system. We track multiple countries over on our what’s popular hub where Hannibal has featured for a number of days.

The series, however, has not appeared in the top 10 TV series in either Canada or the United Kingdom since it arrived in the States.

Hannibal featured in the Netflix US top 10 between June 10th and June 13th before dropping out. It has since been in the top 10 for June 24th and June 25th. The show peaked at number 8 on the TV chart on June 12th, 2020.

Tracking Popularity via Other Metrics

One of the ways we can see that popularity has spiked is by looking into IMDb metrics. Over at IMDb, they offer a feature called the MovieMeter which allows you to track shows popularity throughout time.

Via IMDBPro, we can see this over time and the show has seen a huge rise in popularity going from around 600-700 to peaking between June 14th and June 21st at 24.

hannibal popularity imdb graph

As you can see, the show has neared the peak of when new episodes released over five years ago. The all-time high was position 15 on the IMDbPro meter.

Over on Google Trends, we can also see an uptick in popularity too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t currently provide an accurate comparison of how popular the series is now compared to the

hannibal google search trends

What does this mean for season 4 of Hannibal?

Of course, with the addition of Hannibal to Netflix, many have speculated it could (as with Community) see a revival of sorts. We’ll have a full speculation piece and everything we do know about a fourth season later but it’s likely all these metrics (and the ones we don’t have access to) will have a part to play in any decision on the future of the show.

Have you been enjoying Hannibal on Netflix? Would you like to see the streaming service pick it up for season 4? Let us know in the comments.


‘Hannibal’ Sees Popularity Bump on Netflix Since Addition in June 2020

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