Is Sense8 Getting a Christmas Special in 2018?

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Sense8 Christmas Special from 2016 – Copyright Netflix

Rumors have been circulating over a possible Sense8 Christmas Special coming in 2018 but sadly, those rumors are based on a glitch on Netflix. Here’s what we know about this glitch. As you’ve probably guessed by this point, there are currently no plans for more Sense8 and definitely not a Christmas episode.

Sense8 came to an end earlier this year when the finale special dropped on Netflix which wraps up Sense8. The finale came after two seasons of the show only after a massive fan backlash over the cancellation of Sense8. The season 2 finale dropped on June 8th, 2018 and since then, the show has gone quiet leaving fans social media to continue the legacy of the show.

This past week, some Netflixers have been spotting some announcement text on Sense8 stating that there will be a Christmas episode coming on December 23rd. Here’s what the announcement looks like on a mobile device.

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Sense8 christmas special notice on Netflix

We weren’t able to replicate the message but many fans have also reported similar messages. A couple got in touch with Netflix support who confirmed the message seen but couldn’t verify whether a Christmas special was actually on the way.

Here’s what we think has happened. Sense8 has had a Christmas episode before. It dropped on Netflix back in 2016 on December 23rd, conveniently the same date as the supposed upcoming Christmas episode. We think a glitch has occurred whereby the old notice for the old Christmas episode is showing. Note how it doesn’t mention a year, just a date.

It’s also worth noting that new Netflix Originals drop on Fridays. December 23rd, 2016 was a Friday whereas December 23rd this year is a Sunday.

Sadly most of the cast members of Sense8 have gone onto other projects and the official Sense8 Twitter account has gone quiet since June 29th.

Fortunately, the Sense8 legacy is not dead, a fan art mural has been fully funded and Netflix has plenty of other similar titles to Sense8 to stream.

Is Sense8 Getting a Christmas Special in 2018?

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