The Cast of ‘Sense8’ Where Are They Now?

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Sense8 Cast Where Are They Now

It’s been just over six years since The Wachowski’s smash hit LGBTQ+ sci-fi drama Sense8 landed on Netflix, and it’s been little over three years since the series came to an end. With plenty of time passing between now and then it’s time to revisit the cast, and what they’ve been up to since Sense8 came to an end.

Sense8 only lasted for two seasons on Netflix, but in that time it amassed one of the most fiercely loyal fanbases we’ve ever seen for an Original series. Arguably, the only fanbases that even comes close to Sense8 are those of The OA, and Anne with an E. All three fanbases at one time or another have petitioned to see their favourite series return.

The cast was one of the most diverse we’d seen at the time for a Netflix Original series, and the story itself was a celebration of equality, especially towards sexuality.

Aml Ameen

Portrayed: Capheus “Van Damn”Onyango
Number of Episodes: 12

Aml Ameern Sense Cast Where Are They Now 4

Aml portrayed Capheus for only the first season of Sense8, and never returned to reprise the role.

Since his departure from Sense8, Aml has gone on to star in a number of different projects, most notably as D in Yardie and Simon in the HBO Max series I May Destroy You.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
For Justice (2015) Brandon Horn
Soy Nero (2016) Private Bronx
The Naked Post (2016) Ryan
The Price (2017) Seyo Ogunde
Parallel (2018) Devin
Inside Man: Most Wanted (2019) Remy Darbone
Run Sweetheart Run (2020) Quidda
The Left Right Game (1 Season) Tom
I May Destroy You (1 Season) Simon
Charming the Hearts of Men (2020) Walter


Toby Onwumere

Portrayed: Capheus “Van Damn”Onyango
Number of Episodes: 12

Toby Onwumere Sense Cast Where Are They Now 4

The second actor to portray Capheus, Toby took over the role when Amel Ameen left the series at the end of the first season. His transition into the role was shaky at first, as fans missed Amel, but the Nigeran born actor truely embraced the role

Toby has starred in very little since the end of Sense8. He took part in the pilot for Olive Forever, and starred as Kai in the fifth season Empire. Although the future looks bright for the actor as he will once again be working alongside Lana Wachowski in the fourth installamant of the Matrix franchise.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
Olive Forever (1 Season) Bigby
Empire Kai
Thorp Ogé


Bae Doona

Portrayed: Sun Bak
Number of Episodes: 24

Bae Doona Sense8 Cast Where Are They Now 4

Bae Doona is instantly one of the most recognisable actresses on Netflix, and is arguably one of the busiest actors on this list.

Since Sense8 came to an end, Bae Doona has starred in multiple Korean dramas that have landed on Netflix. In particular she starred in the anthology series Persona, and Netflix’s zombie horror phenomenom Kingdom. Fans will get to see even more of her soon, as Bae Doona is also starring in the exciting sci-fi series The Silent Sea, which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2021.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
Teo-neol (2016) Se-Hyun
Chang-ok’s Letter (Miniseries) Eun-ha
The Greatest Divorce (1 Season) Kang Hwi-roo
The Drug King (2018) Kim Jeong-ah
Persona (Miniseries) Doona
Kingdom (2 Seasons) Seo Bi
Bimilui Soop (2 Seasons) Han Yeo Jin


Jamie Clayton

Portrayed: Nomi Marks
Number of Episodes: 24

Jamie Clayton Sense8 Cast Where Are They Now 4

Another busy actress, Jamie Clayton has found herself acting predominantly in television shows over movies.

She was cast in the sortlived revival of Designated Survivor, portraying the role of Sasha Booker  for the third season. Clayton starred in a few episodes of The CW series Roswell, New Mexico and most recently starred in The L Word: Generation Q as Tess Van De Berg. Fans of the actress can look forward to her lending her voice to Zack Snyder’s animated series Twilight of the Gods.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
Motive (1 Season) Avery Bowman
The Neon Demon (2016) Casting Director
Same Same (1 Season) Niamh
Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017) Jien Garson
The Snowman (2017) Edda
The Chain (2019) Dr. Ryan
Designated Survivor (Season 3) Sasha Booker
Roswell, New Mexico Charlie Cameron
Equal (1 Season) Christine Jorgensen
The L Word: Generation Q (2 Seasons) Tess Va De Berg

Tina Desai

Portrayed: Kala Dandekar
Number of Episodes: 24Tina Desai Sense Cast Where Are They Now 4

Outside of Sense8 actress Tina Desai has spent a lot of time lending her voice talent to the long running children’s animated series Thomas and Friends. She has also since returned to acting in Bollywood having starred in Dassehra, and fans will soon get to see her in the upcoming Amazon Prime action drama Mumbai Diaries 26/11.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
Thomas & Friends: The Great Race (2016) Ashima
Thomas & Friends: Global Friends (Miniseries) Ashima
Good Luck (2018) Jenny Saxena
Thomas & Friends: Here Comes the Steam (Miniseries) Ashima
Dassehra (2018) Aditi Singh
Thomas & Friends: Meet the Characters! (Miniseries) Ashima
The Best of Thomas & Friends Clips (US) (1 Season) Ashima
Thomas & Friends (2 Seasons) Ashima

Tuppence Middleton

Portrayed: Riley “Blue” Gunnarsdóttir
Episodes: 24

Tuppence Middleton Sense8 Cast Where Are They Now 4

Before, during and after Sense8, Tuppence Middleton has been a very busy actress. The most high profile project she has starred in since the end of Sense8 is arguably between The Downton Abbey movie and starring in David Fincher’s biopic Mank as Sara Mankiewicz.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
War & Peace (Miniseries) Helene Bezukova
Diensian (1 Season) Amelia Havisham
Diani and I (2017) Laura Phillips
The Current War (2017) Mary Edison
Electric Dreams (1 Season) Linda
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (2018) Lady Lucille Waycrest
Stine (2018) Lizzie
Fiderman’s Friends (2018) Alwyn
Four (2019) The Young Woman
Disappearance at Clifton Hill (2019) Abby
Downton Abbey (2019) Lucy Smith
Lie of You (2019) Hannah
Possessor (2020) Ava Parse
Shadowplay (1 Season) Claire Franklin
Mank (2020) Sara Mankiewicz

Max Riemelt

Portrayed: Wolfgang Bogdanow
Episodes: 24

Max Riemelt Sense8 Cast Where Are They Now 4

Since the end of Sense8, Max Riemelt has split his time between starring in German and English roles. In particular he starred in the BBC series World on Fire, a WW2 drama focusing on the impact the war had on the lives of ordinary people.

Max Riemelt will reunite with Lana Wachowski, as he will also be starring in the upcoming Matrix 4 movie. Fans can also look forward to seeing more projects starring Riemelt with the actor currently filming German miniseries Bonn, and he has also been announced for Supercrew and Free Fall 2.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
Berlin Syndrome (2017) Andi Werner
Die Freundin meiner Mutter (2019) Jan
Head Burst (2019) Markus
World on Fire (1 Season) Schmidt
Der Schneegänger (2020) Lutz Gehring
Tatort (1 Season) Louis Bürger
The Peppercorns and the Secret of the Deep Sea (2020) Oliver

Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Portrayed: Lito Rodriguez
Episodes: 24

Miguel Silvestre Sense Cast Where Are They Now 4

Miguel is also another familiar face for Netflix subscribers, especially for those who are fans of Netflix’s Spanish language dramas, such as, Narcos and Sky Rojo. HBO Max susbscribers will also be familar with the actor as he starred in 30 Coins as Pablo.

Arguably the most exciting project Miguel will soon be seen in is the fifth season of the global phenomenom La casa de papel/Money Heist.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
Narcos (1 Season) Franklin Jurado
Ferdinand (2017) El Primero
Ibiza (2018) Manny
My Best Friend’s Wedding (2018) Jorge
On Death Row (Miniseries) Pablo Ibar
Velvet Collection (1 Season) Alberto Márquez
30 Coins (1 Season) Paco
Red Sky (1 Season) Moses

Brian J. Smith

Portrayed: Will Gorski
Episodes: 24

Brian Smith Sense Cast Where Are They Now 4

Smith has been relatively busy since Sense8 ended, having starred in World on Fire alongside fellow Sense8 alumni Max Reimelt, and in the Bourne TV spin-off Treadstone, which sadly lasted only one season.

Just like some of his fellow Sense8 actors, Brian Smith will also be seen in the upcoming Matrix 4 movie.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
The Passing Season (2016) Sam
22 Chaser (2018) Ben Dankert
World on Fire (1 Season) Webster O’Connor
Treadstone (2019) Doug McKenna
L.A. Confidential (2019) Ed Exley

Daryl Hannah

Portrayed: Angelica Turing
Episodes: 24

Daryl Hannah Sense8 Cast Where Are They Now 4

Daryl Hannah an incredibly well-known actress having starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner.

In the time since Sense8, Daryl Hannah has shifted her creative energies toward directing. She wrote, directed and shot a Netflix original film called ‘Paradox’ as well as directing and filming ‘The Fireside Sessions’ and other films and videos with her husband Neil Young. The only acting project she has participated in since ‘Sense8′ so far is the soon to be released Farrelly brothers, ‘The Now.’”

Title Role
The Slider (2017) Carol
Papa (2018) Sarah Freidman
Undateable John (2019) Rose
Cosmic Radio Herself

Freema Agyeman

Portrayed: Amanita Caplan
Episodes: 24

Freema Agyeman Sense8 Cast Where Are They Now 4

The former Doctor Who and British actress has only been working on one series since Sense8 came to an end, but given it is the highly successful medical drama New Amsterdam, no one can blame her.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
Eat Locals (2017) Angel
New Amsterdam (3 Seasons) Dr. Helen Sharpe

Terrance Mann

Portrayed: Milton Bailey “Whispers” Brandt
Episodes: 19

Terrance Mann Sense8 Cast Where Are They Now 4

Since moving on from Sense8, Mann hasn’t featured in many projects, but he did star as himself in an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and starred in an episode of The Blacklist as Harris Van Ness.

The next big project for Mann is Foundation, an original series for AppleTV, and will play the role of Brother Dusk.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
Sleepy Hollow (1 Season) The Devil
Time After Time (1 Season) Mr. Knox
Instinct (1 Season) John Whitehead
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (1 Season) Himself
The Blacklist (1 Season) Harris Von Ness

Eréndira Ibarra

Portrayed: Daniela Velázquez
Episodes: 19

Eréndira Ibarra Sense Cast Where Are They Now 4.pngr

Eréndira Ibarra is the fourth actor on the list of actors from Sense8 that will be starring in the fourth Matrix movie. Interestingly, The Matrix 4 is Ibarra’s first English language project since Sense8, as the actress has since starred in a small variety of Mexican dramas and movies.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
Tales of an Immortal Couple (2016) Florentina Calle
A ti te quería encontrar Lu
Ingogbernable (1 Season) Ana Vargas-West
Sitiados: México (Miniseries) Inés
El Candidato (1 Season) Isabel Alfaro
Daark Forces (2020) Rubi

Naveen Andrews

Portrayed: Jonas Maliki
Episodes: 18

Naveen Andrews Sense8 Cast Where Are They Now 4

Prior to Sense8, Naveen Andrews most well known roles was Sayid Jarrah in Lost, and Jafar in the Once Upon a Time spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Naveen has starred in two projects since Sense8. First was the shortlived series Instinct as Julian Cousins, and second was the TV movie Reckless. The next TV series Naveen is going to be starring in is the Hulu original series The Dropout, which will arrive sometime in 2021.

Titles Starred in since/during Sense8:

Title Role
Instinct (1 Season) Julian Cousins
Reckless (2018) Roland Shaw


Who was your favourite actor in Sense8? What’s been your favorite series to watch outside of Sense8?