‘Sense8’ Season 3: Why Was It Canceled and Should It Be Saved?

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As you may have heard by now, Sense8 has been canceled by Netflix leading to massive fan backlash worldwide. Below, we’re going to dissect why the series was canceled and give you a few ways you can let your voice be heard as to getting the show renewed for a third season.

The sci-fi series was the love child of Lana and Lilly Wachowski and created a massive, globe-trotting series where eight strangers were connected. The series is one of the most open and diverse shows in modern times, taking all races, creeds, genders, and sexualities into account.

Why Sense8 canceled?

Since the Netflix Original program began, it’s seen hundreds of new shows pop, and fortunately, not many have been canceled. As of late, Netflix has been canceling shows for numerous reasons. In the case of Bloodline, it was because Sony (the studio producing the show) wanted too much money. The Get Down is another big show recently canceled, and the budget is likely to be a factor in that show’s fate, but the creator also wants to return to movies.

In the case of Sense8, we think it’s a mixture of reasons. For one, the show had a bit of a rocky road to its second season, with Lilly Wachowski pulling out and one of its main cast members firing. Given how many countries the series is filmed in, the budget would’ve been huge. Although we haven’t had an official response, we assume all of these factors played a part in the decision not to renew.

How To Get Sense8 Renewed

Here are just a few ways you can let your voice be heard.

  1. Connect with Netflix directlyNetflix’s customer service team are great and very understanding. Although we don’t suggest clogging up their phone lines and live chat support, you can use the dedicated area on their site to suggest titles. Simply put in Sense8 Season 3!
  2. Social Media
    Netflix has a strong social media presence. You should tweet about them using the hashtags #bringbacksense8, #savesense8, and any other hashtags being used.
  3. Sign the petitions
    Petition sites are a great way of getting out a message. Quite a few petitions have sprouted up since the show’s fate was announced. One of the biggest currently has 10,000 supporters.

We hope that gives you some hope and direction as to how Sense8 could be revived. As for actual reality, we think Netflix could be swayed given how customer-facing they are. Sense8 has a massive fanbase that is clearly dedicated. Even if Sense8 came back for a one-off special for closure, it’d still be enough for most.

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