Is ‘The Simpsons’ on Netflix?

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The Simpsons on Netflix

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The Simpsons is one of the biggest and longest running TV shows of all time. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether The Simpsons is coming to Netflix. Due to recent events, that now looks to never be the case. Here’s your streaming guide to The Simpsons on Netflix.

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie as some of the most recognizable characters of all time. The Fox series (now owned by Walt Disney) has now been on the air since 1989 with over 661 episodes across 30 seasons under its belt.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, The Simpsons aren’t on Netflix and given recent developments, the likelihood of it ever streaming are remote to none. Let’s first take a look at why then move onto some alternatives.

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Why The Simpsons won’t be on Netflix in the United States

The Simpsons will never come to Netflix in the United States.

This became clear in 2017 when Netflix and Fox cut ties which saw the removal of the majority of FX and Fox shows from Netflix.

The Simpsons had been streaming on Hulu and a service called Simpsons World but in early 2019, it was announced that Disney+ would be the permanent new home of The Simpsons once it launches in November 2019.

That makes sense given Disney purchased Fox and all of its assets.

Will The Simpsons be on Netflix in other regions?

Of course, Netflix operates in other regions of the world but given Disney’s intention of bringing Disney+ around the world. Don’t expect Netflix to be picking up The Simpsons in other regions either.

Some regions, however, are carrying The Simpsons Movie from 2007. These regions include France, the Netherlands, Argentina, Norway, Brazil, Spain, and Sweden.

What’s Similar to The Simpsons on Netflix

Although because of most of the Fox library leaving Netflix there’s a limited number of animated sitcoms available, there are still a few titles that should be on your watchlist.

As you’ve probably heard, Netflix has released another Matt Groening series called Disenchantment which is streaming its first 10 episodes now.

Michael Price, another key figure in The Simpsons universe has produced a series for Netflix which is now onto its third season. That show is F is for Family and features the vocal talents of Bill Burr.

Are you disappointed The Simpsons isn’t streaming on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

Is ‘The Simpsons’ on Netflix?

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