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Netflix’s latest original comedy movie brings Parks and Recreations, Adam Scott, to play the role of a stepdad with a new step-son who is a little different. Born from a cult ritual, Lucas is evil incarnate and is trying to get his step-dad killed. Below, we’ll look at the full cast list as well as the full soundtrack for the movie.

The movie has been well received with some excellent reviews on Netflix itself and other outlets.

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Full Cast List

Who plays Lucas?

Owen Atlas is the actor who plays the demon child aka Lucas. He’s a relatively unknown actor with only a few shorts credited to his name over the past two years.

Owen Atlas (Lucas) growling at the camera

Who plays Gary?

Gary is played by Adam Scott. Most known for his role in Parks and Recreation, he’s a comedy actor who’s also starred alongside Will Ferrell in Step Brothers as well as recently appearing in Netflix Original series, Wet Hot American Summer.

Who plays Samantha?

Samantha is played by Evangeline Lilly who is most known for her recent role in Ant-Man and she’s expected to also appear in the upcoming Avengers movie too. Away from Marvel, Evangeline has also appeared in titles such as Smallville, The Hurt Locker, Lost and The Hobbit.

Other Cast List

  • Bridget Everett plays Al
  • Clancy Brown as Reverend Gospel
  • Tyler Labine as Karl C. Miller
  • Donald Faison as Larry
  • Chris D’Elia as Wayne
  • Kyle Bornheimer as Victor



Although most of the movie is made up of an original soundtrack, there’s still a few songs catted throughout. The end credits song in Little Evil is Can’t Go To Hell by Sin Shake Sin.

Here are the other songs in Little Evil:

  • Your Good Lovin  by The Pentagons
  • Midway Games by John Costello
  • Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner
  • Morning in my Heart by Eagle Eye Williamson
  • I’m Not In Love by 10CC
  • I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash
  • Tom Sawyer by RUSH
  • Hold on Tight by Greg Holden

Is Tucker & Dale Vs Evil on Netflix?

Eli Craig’s other hit movie, Tucker & Dale vs Evil is streaming on Netflix in the United Kingdom and the United States so if you love Little Evil, you’ll also love this movie too. Here’s a direct link so you can start watching.


Movies/TV Series like Little Evil on Netflix

The go-to Netflix Original movies after watching Little Evil are the Adam Sandler movies which contain a similar pallet of humour. Also worth watching is The Omen which is the movie that heavily influenced Little Evil. The Omen is streaming on Netflix in the United States.

Did you enjoy Little Evil on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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