Orange is the New Black Season 7: Everything We Know So Far

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Orange is the New Black is coming back for its seventh and final season and likely hit Netflix in summer 2019. Here’s what we know about season 7 including our rough estimate as to when it’ll come to Netflix around the world.

Let’s quickly catch you up with the antics so far and how we got to season 6 of OiTNB. The series first premiered back in the early days of Netflix Originals. The first season dropped with 13 episodes all at once and took the world by storm. Although House of Cards was the first major Netflix Original, Orange is the New Black is when competitors took note of Netflix.

Since 2013, a new season has dropped every single year since in June with the exception of this season which dropped in July. The show has faced criticism particularly for season 3 and season 6 where we argued the show fully jumped the shark.

In case you didn’t know, Netflix ordered a huge block of seasons for the show. This was and still is an unprecedented move by Netflix as they rarely give multi-season orders. The show is currently renewed up to season 7 and will be its last.

The sixth season was the biggest shakeup yet for the show. Season 4 and 5 saw Litchfield in absolute chaos. As a result of the riots and deaths, the women have been split up and sent to a max prison.

Where will season 7 go next?

Spoiler alert for season 6

At the end of season 6, the shows main star is now free. Piper got the verdict in her favor and sees her departure. We already knew she wasn’t going to be in prison quite as long as other prisoners but we weren’t expecting her to depart. Supposedly, Piper will still feature in season 7.


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Other inmates weren’t quite as lucky as Piper, Taystee has been convicted of murder and will continue to serve her time. Daya still descends into drug addiction, Blanca is being deported.

One of the key questions is what happened to the other prisoners. We know the inmates all got split up and while some did cameo, most were completely missing.

When will season 7 be on Netflix?

Given the history of the shows release dates, we have absolutely no doubt we’ll be back to the girls in 2019. As per the previous seasons, we’re expecting season 7 to be available come summer 2019 but it’s most likely it’ll follow the previous months either in June 2019 or July 2019.

Will the cast be returning?

It appears that most of the cast from season 6 will be returning to season 7. While some character arcs may contradict them returning to Litchfield we may see what antics they get up too.

The latest addition to the cast is actress and comedian Iliana Inocencio. It is unknown at this time what role she will have in the upcoming season but her brother took the time to congratulate her on twitter for getting a role in the series.

Will Season 7 be the last season?

As it stands, season 7 is currently the end of the road for Orange is the New Black. It was confirmed recently after a compilation video was released showing with the cast announcing the news.

Can you wait for season 7?

The wait for the final season begins. Fans of the show are already expressing their dismay on Twitter to the news of season 7 being the finale.

Now it’s over to you, are you looking forward to season 7 of Orange is the New Black? We’ll be updating this post throughout the year reflecting any and all news we hear regarding the series.

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