‘Slasher’ Season 4 Not Coming to Netflix, Heading to Shudder

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slasher season 4 not coming to netflix

Slasher – Picture: Netflix

Today we got good news and bad news for Slasher fans. Firstly, the report that we did a couple of weeks ago to say a new season was in development is correct but sadly, it won’t be on Netflix, at least to begin with. Here’s the latest on Slasher season 4. 

Just to catch anyone up who’s not familiar with the series. The anthology horror series originally aired away from Netflix but for seasons 2 and 3 they were released on Netflix as Original titles. The series departed for a short time due to licensing issues with the company that went bankrupt. As of November 2020, seasons 1-3 of Slasher are available on Netflix in the majority of regions around the world.

On October 24th, 2020 we spotted a production listing that confirmed a new season of the show was in development. Notably, that production listing did not include Netflix as one of the stakeholders. That’s why our headline at the time questioned its likelihood of coming to Netflix.

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Fast forward to November 12th, the social media account for the series (which went dormant in June 2019) confirmed a new season was on the way but here’s the bad news, Shudder is carrying it.

As BloodyDisgusting confirms, the new season is called Slasher: Flesh & Blood (not Slasher: Reunion) as we originally reported.

Shudder will be the “streaming home” of the series in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s reported that the series will see linear releases in Canada, the UK, and Ireland before ending up on Shudder there too.

If you’re not familiar, Shudder is a niche streaming service that specifically carries horror movies & TV series and has recently broken into original programming.

The series is currently filming as per our original report. An account on Twitter dedicated to the Toronto film scene is tracking development with the series filming in the Mountains of Hamilton as of November 11th, 2020.

The new season follows “follows a wealthy but dysfunctional family gathering for a reunion on a secluded island. Their old wounds and competitive rivalries flare up when the family realizes a masked killer is on the island, intent on cruelly picking them off one by one.”

So what does that mean for Netflix? Will they lose seasons 1-3 again? Could Netflix eventually share the rights with Shudder? That’s all to be confirmed in the future.

We have reached out to Netflix to see if they can provide us with any information as to whether the new season will eventually come to Netflix (we suspect it will not) and what will happen to the older season.

Are you disappointed the new season of Slasher is heading to another streamer? Let us know in the comments.

‘Slasher’ Season 4 Not Coming to Netflix, Heading to Shudder

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