‘Slasher’ Seasons 1 to 3 Return to Netflix

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slasher seasons 1 3 returns to netflix

Slasher – Picture: Kew Media Group

The horror series Slasher has returned to Netflix after several months of being away from the service. It’s not the first time Slasher has gone awol, but we’re glad it’s back. Here’s why you should dive in and watch Slasher and whether this could mean season four is on the way. 

Let’s quickly recap for those not familiar with the series before we get into the nitty-gritty of its streaming status. The anthology horror series saw its first season released on Chiller before moving to Netflix for its second and third seasons. The most recent season, entitled Solstice was added to Netflix back in May 2019.

The show focuses on different masked killers who prey on their victims. The series is created by Aaron Martin (the creator also behind Netflix’s Another Life – renewed for season two) and a fourth season has neither been confirmed or canceled as of yet.

Why did Slasher leave Netflix?

It’s not the first time Slasher has departed Netflix. The first season was removed from Netflix in 2019 but all three seasons were removed from Netflix earlier this year around the world.

The reason why Slasher departed from Netflix is all to do with licensing and particularly the troubles Netflix has had with Kew Media Group which recently entered administration.

The media group collapsing meant that several contracts became voided and meant the removal of Line of Duty for example in multiple Netflix regions. Netflix later regained the license for Line of Duty and now Slasher follows suit.

All three seasons were added back to Netflix around the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia on June 23rd, 2020.

We don’t have specific details on any of the arrangements going forward but with any luck, the series should now be on Netflix for years to come.

A few people have already spotted the excellent horror series returned to Netflix.

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