The Innocents Season 1: Ending Explained

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Finishing all eight episodes of the new British Netflix Original sci-fi series is a breeze but the ending certainly ended on a big cliffhanger. Let’s take a look at the ending, where every character is at the end and how it’ll inform future series. Here’s our attempt at explaining season 1 of The Innocents.

Let’s start off with the obvious. If you haven’t finished watching season 1 of The Innocents, please go and do so as this article will be full of spoilers.

Harry and June Ending Explained

Let’s start off with the big bombshell ending. Harry’s fate looks to be the same as his father as he’s now trapped in his own mind. To avoid June getting arrested, Harry drove quickly away from the ferry. This isn’t the first time Harry’s been behind the wheel driving at speed and his second attempt resulted in the same result as the first, with a crash. This crash, however, was more consequential.

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June was badly injured from the car crash and Harry saw fit that the only way she could survive was to shift into Harry and get help. Harry’s mother interrupts her mid-shift and June then turns into her.

This is the exact same reason Elena is being hunted by the police in the first place. When you shift, you have to do it back and forth and not include a third person. Creating a chain means the final person will return but those before it can’t.

June (played by Sorcha Groundsell) is in trouble…

RIP Halvorson and Sigrid

The final episode saw both Sigrid and Halvorson get shot. These deaths are likely permanent so don’t expect them to come back in the future.

Where is Steinar?

Steinar made an appearance in the finale but only because it was Kam using his body. Steiner’s last appearance before that was when he was going to interrupt the meeting between June and Halvorson at the hotel. He instead opted to go after someone called Freya which of course we now know is Runa’s daughter. We can only assume that Kam got the better of Steinar and he’s still in London.

What was wrong with Runa?

As we know, it was Halvorson’s intention to save Runa but June shifting into her and regain all her memories essentially becoming her. Although it’s not explicitly said throughout, it’s most likely that Runa is suffering from dementia. It’s why she’s constantly forgetting stuff.

Can Harry and Lewis (Harry’s father) be saved?

We know both Kam and June have the abilities to regain memories meaning that the only way Harry or Lewis could come back if Kam and June became them. That’s a massive sacrifice and unless they find another way around, they’re still going to be dormant shells.

How the ending sets up season 2

June is now going have the same notoriety as her mother and likely now go on the run. We know Kam only came back to save June so it’s likely those two will meet up shortly. Harry’s mother is going to be absolutely distraught now she’s lost both Lewis and Harry.

Elena is now in the custody of Norwegian police but it’s likely that she’ll find out the situation with her daughter and help.

What do you think will happen in season 2 of The Innocents? Let us know in the comments down below.

The Innocents Season 1: Ending Explained

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