When will ‘Venom’ be on Netflix?

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For the past several years, new Marvel movies have been dropping on Netflix but Venom sadly won’t be among them for those in the United States. Here’s a complete look at Venom and if and when the new Tom Hardy movie will be coming to Netflix.

Venom is launching soon in cinemas from October 5th (in the US, other regions may vary) and stars Tom Hardy and is known for his previous hits such as Taboo, Peaky Blinders, The Reverant, Legend, Mad Max and many more movies. Set in the Marvel universe, the 2018 movie will focus on one of Spiderman’s greatest enemies, Venom. Although Spider-man won’t be present (or at least hasn’t been announced to yet) is set to be dark and harrowing take on the classic Spider-man villain.

Why Venom won’t be on Netflix in the United States

Unfortunately, Netflix in the US will unlikely be the recipient of Venom, at least in the short to medium term. As you may know, Netflix has been getting regular drops of the new Marvel theatrical releases and is still in line to receive several new movies soon too.

Unfortunately, the Spider-man license is currently owned by Sony Pictures who is also distributing Venom. Much like how Spider-man: Homecoming didn’t come to Netflix, Venom will follow suit. Sony Pictures tends to keep their movies away from Netflix in the short term although it’s worth noting that multiple movies do eventually

Netflix US Added Spider-man 3 Earlier in 2018

For those in the United States, the only solace we have for you is that Netflix added Spider-man 3 earlier this year. The movie featured Venom strongly although most found the movie to be the worst of the three Toby Maguire movies as Spider-man. The movie was added on September 1st and hasn’t yet been announced when it’s leaving.

What about other Netflix regions?

No other Netflix regions have received Spider-man Homecoming as of yet which suggests that no other region will get Venom straight away. Some places like the United Kingdom will have pre-existing contracts with Sony Pictures but as of right now, none are with Netflix.

Are you sad that Venom won’t be coming to Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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