When will Spider-Man: Homecoming be on Netflix?

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The Disney/Netflix deal has bought many of the latest Marvel movies to Netflix but is Spider-man Homecoming the next movie to come to Netflix? Well, it’s complicated because of the messy contracts and the decision at the moment is unknown.

The fresh new look at Spider-Man brings him back into the Marvel cinematic universe with Tony Stark (Iron Man) helping Spider-Man find his calling and become Spider-man. It’s going to be a lot different from the Andrew Garfield or Toby Maguire films that came before it but it’s welcome as both of those franchises eventually fizzled out.

As you may know, the Marvel franchises although owned centrally by Disney now, some are actually owned by other rights holders. For example, the X-Men franchise including Deadpool is owned by 20th Century Fox who distributes and also produces all of those movies. In the case of Spider-Man, for decades Sony has owned the rights to the character. This reboot is still being produced by Sony but with a key difference.

In case you didn’t know, the plan was for both another Maguire and Garfield movie but because of the falling ratings. Sony looked to the future and decided the best way to reinvent Spider-Man was to reinclude him in the larger MCU which has grown significantly over the past decade and is still very popular. His first debut came in Captain America: Civil War where the new look Spiderman debuted.

That’s why predicting its future on Netflix is particularly messy. In some cases, older Spider-man movies are streaming on Netflix, just not in the US. The newer X-Men movies which would’ve been covered under the Disney contract have never come to the US but they don’t crossover. Sony movies typically show up on Starz and that’s what we suspect will happen with Homecoming. If, however, Netflix does manage to snag it as part of the Disney deal, expect it to arrive in December 2017 or January 2018.

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