Aggretsuko Season 3: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

Aggretsuko – Copyright. Fanworks and Rarecho

Already another season of Aggretsuko has been and gone, and fans all across the world can’t wait to see more. Our heavy metal red-panda is definitely in great demand but has the series been renewed by Netflix for a third season? Let’s find out.

Aggretsuko is a Netflix Original anime series created and written by Rarecho. Previously appearing in TV shorts on the Japanese network TBS, the cutesy character with a heavy metal heart entertained fans immensely. There were over 100 episodes of the Aggretsuko shorts before the series was popularised worldwide with the release of the first full-length anime on Netflix. Having successfully found a home on the streaming network, the red panda’s popularity has only skyrocketed since then.

Another day and another dollar for 25-year-old Red-Panda Retsuko. Her modesty and diminutiveness lead to her being exploited by her lazy colleagues and whether it be sexist and misogynistic remarks by her boss and being annoyed by her condescending co-workers Retusko has a unique way of relieving her stress… singing death metal at her local Karaoke bar.

Aggretsuko Season 3 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 06/08/2019)

Netflix has officially confirmed that Aggretusko will be returning for a third season! This was confirmed through various social media outlets for the streaming service. Fans will be overjoyed to see their favorite red panda return once more.

How did fans take to the second season?

The second season explored Aggretsuko’s relationships with her family, friends and those in her love life. This struck a chord with fans of the anime with many praising the writing for the way the story was handled.

Aggretsuko Season 3 Release Date

Now that renewal has been confirmed we can speculate when the third season will land on Netflix.

The likelihood is that Fanworks have already begun working on the third season. This means at the earliest Aggretsuko could return in Spring 2020. But it’s more likely to be in the Summer of 2020 instead.

The first season released in April, while the second season premiered in June. We’d expect to see the third season arrive in the Summer of 2020 but in July or August.

Potential Release Date: Summer 2020

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