Anya Taylor Joy Twitter Account Hacked; Posted Tweet Teasing ‘The Queen’s Gambit 2’

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Anya Taylor Joy returned to Twitter for a brief moment on January 30th with a Tweet that teased The Queen’s Gambit 2 but has been quickly deleted. Sadly, we’ve since had clarification that the Tweet was fake and that her account had been hacked. 

Released in 2020 during the pandemic, The Queen’s Gambit went on to become a huge hit for Netflix despite reported hesitation from the top brass at Netflix at the time. Per older metrics no longer used by Netflix, over 62 million Netflix accounts watched at least part of an episode.

The drama saw Anya Taylor Joy play the role of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy who became the world champion. It’s largely considered to be one of Netflix’s best shows in its history.

The show was (and is still listed) as a limited series meaning that all seven episodes make up the complete story.

Showrunner Scott Frank has spoken publicly about his reluctance for future seasons, saying, “I feel like we told the story we wanted to tell, and I worry – let me put it differently – I’m terrified that if we try to tell more, we would ruin what we’ve already told.”

That brings us to the unexpected Anya Taylor Joy Tweet!

The Tweet, posted at 2:36 PM GMT, was only available for around 5 minutes before being deleted, simply stating, “The Queen’s Gambit 2”.

anya taylor joy deleted tweet the queens gambit 2

Deleted Tweet from Anya Taylor Joy about The Queen’s Gambit 2.

This was Anya Taylor Joy’s first Tweet since November 2020, where she posted three reaction cat-shocked emojis to the viewership stat Netflix announced.

So what’s going on here? Hours later, Anya Taylor Joy posted an Instagram story explaining that her Twitter had been hacked.

More of The Queen’s Gambit is confirmed to be coming to Netflix in 2023 (sort of)

The show is due to return to Netflix in another form in 2023. We’re referring to the game adaptation of the series (yes, it’s chess) that’s due out on Netflix gaming in due course.

We first got wind of the game coming to Netflix in March 2022, with Netflix officially confirming the project later in the year.

Per Netflix, here’s the official description for the upcoming Queen’s Gambit game:

“Take some lessons, play puzzles and matches or compete against friends in this stunning love letter to the show. From players new to the game to chess masters, this immersive experience that pays homage to the award-winning drama has something for everyone.”

the queens gambit chess netflix

The Queen’s Gambit Chess Game

Anya Taylor Joy Twitter Account Hacked; Posted Tweet Teasing ‘The Queen’s Gambit 2’

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