Are Seasons 1-5 of Vikings on Netflix?

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When it comes to current historical dramas, one series that will be on the tip of the tongue for most and that’s Vikings. Are all five seasons of Vikings on Netflix? If not, where are they streaming and if it is streaming, when do new seasons arrive. Here’s the complete guide to Vikings on Netflix. 

Let’s start off with what you need to know about the show in case you’re unfamiliar with it. The series airs in America on the History Channel. Naturally, the show is set in the past following a band of legendary Norse warriors committing raids against England and France.

The series recently entered into its fifth season which is due to wrap soon and has already been renewed for season 6.

Why Vikings isn’t on Netflix in the United States

The United States Netflix doesn’t stream Vikings but there are two alternative streaming subscription options.

Both Hulu and Amazon carry Vikings but neither are wholly up-to-date with season 5 part 2 as of yet. These typically get released months after the show has finished on normal TV. It’s a shame that Netflix won’t carry the show, particularly because the History Channel clearly doesn’t mind the show residing on multiple platforms.

Why Vikings isn’t on Netflix in the United Kingdom

Much like the United States, Vikings is not streaming on Netflix in the UK. The series shares a similar home in the United Kingdom with Amazon Prime currently the home of Vikings.

It is slightly more up-to-date than the US Prime, however. It carries part 2 of season 5 because it gets weekly episodes.

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Where is Vikings streaming on Netflix?

The only English speaking country to currently stream Vikings is Australia and New Zealand. They’re currently caught up to date with season 4 which was added in late November. Season 5 will almost certainly come to Netflix in Australia in November 2019.

Other regions streaming Vikings include Latin America, most of mainland Europe, Mexico, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

What are series similar to Vikings on Netflix?

If you’re looking for Vikings and it’s not available on your region and you’re not willing to jump into another streaming platform. Netflix has plenty for you to enjoy.

The biggest comparison can be made to The Last Kingdom which recently released its third season and is waiting for confirmation of a fourth right now. The series is set in 872 actually is similar to Vikings in that it turns the focus onto those on the other side.

If you’re looking for a comedy, Netflix’s Norseman which is a Norwegian show may be up your alley too. It’s set in the same era but is more comical than Vikings which is a serious show. Marco Polo is Netflix’s first expensive venture into historical dramas and is a complete collection you could finish in a weekend.

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Are Seasons 1-5 of Vikings on Netflix?

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