Are Seasons 1-6 of Chicago P.D. on Netflix?

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Chicago P.D. – NBC / Comcast

It’s not long to go now before the end of the sixth season of Chicago P.D. and fans of the show have been asking if the police drama is on Netflix. Sadly if you’re looking for the good news you may not like what’s written below! So… is Chicago P.D. on Netflix? Let us help you with that.

Chicago P.D. is a police-procedural series based on the Chicago franchise by Dick Wolf. The police drama is the second entry to the Chicago franchise and takes place in the same fictional universe as Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. Out of the four titles, Chicago P.D. is the highest rated on IMDb with an 8.1 out of 10.

Leading the charge against crime on the streets of Chicago are the brave officers and detectives of the Chicago Police Department. The intelligence unit combats against the worst of the cities offenses from organized crime to drug trafficking and murders.

Is Chicago P.D. on Netflix US?

If you’ve read our Chicago Med article by now, you’ll know that Chicago P.D. also isn’t on Netflix. If you want to stream the police-drama then you’ll need access to a Hulu subscription. The reason why Chicago P.D. is only available on Hulu is because of NBC’s stake in the streaming service. Comcast who is the parent company of NBCUniversal owns a significant portion of Hulu thus a large number of their programming is available on the green brand.

Will Chicago P.D. ever come to Netflix?

There’s definitely a chance that Chicago P.D. could come to Netflix but the wait is extensive. With NBC tied to Hulu until of least 2024, we’ll be waiting of least another 5 years. If Comcast or NBCUniversal is to develop their own streaming service by then as Warner and Disney have, most if not all of their shows will stream on there.

The likelihood is Netflix and other streaming services will still be allowed to bid for NBC content. This means Netflix could still bid on the license for Chicago P.D. but whether or not Netflix would be happy to share is unclear as typically Netflix likes to have exclusive access to stream shows.

Is Chicago P.D. streaming in other regions?

Like the US, Netflix doesn’t carry the license to stream Chicago P.D. in any other regions.

In the United Kingdom, Chicago P.D. has been broadcasted on 5USA, which isn’t available on Now TV. If you’re a customer of Sky and have access to Sky Go you can catch up on the latest episode broadcasted by 5USA. Unfortunately, the UK is two seasons behind the US so Season 4 is currently airing.

You can stream Seasons 1-4 of Chicago P.D. on Amazon Prime in the UK. Season 5 is available to purchase but if you wait long enough the fifth season will eventually be included in Prime.

In Canada, you can catch up on the latest episodes on GlobalTV’s website. Full seasons aren’t yet available to stream.

Unfortunately, in Australia Chicago P.D is only available online for purchase.

Would you like to see Chicago P.D. streaming in your region? Let us know in the comments below!

Are Seasons 1-6 of Chicago P.D. on Netflix?

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