‘Chicago Med’ Coming to Netflix US in July 2021

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Chicago Med Coming To Netflix Scaled

Chicago Med – Picture: NBC Universal

In yet another unusual license for Netflix in the US, they’ll be picking up multiple seasons Dick Wolf’s NBC series Chicago Med. Although we don’t quite know how many seasons are coming to Netflix, Chicago Med will be streaming from July 22nd, 2021. 

The NBC series which is a spin-off of some of the network’s other Chicago-based procedural programs arrives on Netflix tomorrow but wasn’t originally mentioned for release on Netflix in the July 2021 release calendar.

On the air since 2015, Chicago Med follows a highly skilled medical team in the bustling city. 119 episodes have been released thus far across six seasons with a seventh due to begin airing in September 2021.

It’s among NBC’s huge lineup of Dick Wolf shows who is considered to be one of the most productive producers in US entertainment.

Wolf reaffirmed his commitment to Universal in early 2020 and also committed to producing at least six shows for Peacock. One of Peacock’s headline showpieces at launch in 2020 was the huge Dick Wolf collection available under one roof. Dick Wolf’s deal with Universal is believed to be until 2025.

It’s the first time a Dick Wolf produced show has been on Netflix in a number of years. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was the last show from the producer to be on Netflix but departed back in early 2019.

In recent weeks, Netflix has acquired a swathe of NBCUniversal content both in terms of television and upcoming movies too. On the TV side, Netflix picked up Manifest (which is a Warner Brothers Television show but the point stands) and will soon see Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock return to the service too.

The addition of Chicago Med to Netflix will be hugely beneficial to the streaming service. Nielsen’s top 10 numbers consistently rank procedurals such as NCIS, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, and others as some of Netflix’s most-watched content.

Of course, this will lead many to begin asking whether other Chicago shows or indeed any other titles from the Dick Wolf library (such as FBI or Law & Order returning) could come to Netflix in the future. Naturally, it’d now make sense for the other spinoff shows of Chicago to come to Netflix too including Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

We’ll keep you posted.