Are the ‘Child’s Play’ Films Streaming on Netflix?

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“Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna Play?” The Physcho killer doll just wants to play but is he available to play on Netflix? Let’s find out! Let’s see if any of the ‘Child’s Play’ films are currently streaming on Netflix.

Chucky is the one doll you definitely don’t want to buy for your child this Christmas. I mean come on, is there a more famous killer child’s toy in Cinema history? Having first released in 1988 the past 30 years has seen 7 movies for the Pyscho killer doll. Another famous horror villain that not only invades your home but your pop culture too.

What is ‘Child’s Play?

‘Child’s Play’ was created writer Don Mancini, first releasing in 1988 Chucky was born in the middle of what you could argue was the golden age of the slasher movie villains. Even to this day, the creation of Chucky is Don Mancini’s greatest success.

After a robbery goes drastically wrong for serial killer Charles Lee Ray, he is chased by detective Mike Norris. After being shot and fatally wounded by Mike, Charles transfers his soul into the body of a ‘Good Guy Doll’ using a Haitian Voodoo spell he learned from John ‘Dr. Death’ Bishop. The Doll with Charles’ soul inside was purchased as a gift for 6-year-old Andy, the doll knows known as Chucky begins his rampage of death and destruction.

Not knowing the consequences of his soul transference Chucky progressively becomes more and more human and even as a doll he is subject to pain. Before he is trapped in the doll for good he must transfer his soul into the body of the person who he first reveals himself too. While Chucky is defeated on a number of occasions this doesn’t stop him using his Voodoo to repossess new ‘Good Guy Dolls’ and once resurrected he will stop at nothing to claim a new body.

Are any of the ‘Child’s Play’ films available on Netflix US?

At the moment the only title on Netflix is the 7th installment of the franchise ‘The Cult of Chucky’. Even then not all of the films are available on a subscription service, currently, only the first 3 ‘Child’s Play’ films are streaming on Hulu and the remaining films are only available for rent or purchase.

The Chucky movies were once on Netflix as you can still search for them today as to when we shall see a return to Netflix is unclear for now.

What About Other Regions?

For the United Kingdom, unfortunately, none of the Chucky films are available to stream at the moment on Netflix. If you have a Sky subscription you can stream a few of the films on Sky Go or on Now TV.

In Canada ‘The Cult of Chucky’ is currently available to stream but none of the other movies are yet available. For subscribers down in Australia, unfortunately, none of the films are available for you to stream yet either!

Would you like to see the ‘Child’s Play’ films streaming on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

Are the ‘Child’s Play’ Films Streaming on Netflix?

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