Category Codes to Unlock Netflix’s Hidden Christmas Library

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Netflix’s library is pretty expansive and features a wide range of Christmas movies but it’s not always easy to find every title Netflix has to offer. While we’ll be taking you through the full lists and best of throughout the holiday season, below we’ll give you the category codes to browse through Netflix’s so-called hidden library of Christmas movies and series.

Sadly, there aren’t dozens of Christmas categories like there are for Halloween but there’s still enough we can extract from the category code bible to make it worthy of a post.

If you’re just looking for the brand new Christmas titles on Netflix, we’re cataloging them here.

While Netflix doesn’t have a specific category code for Thanksgiving, its first suggestion is to dive into the Festive Favorites category. Likewise, Netflix doesn’t have a specific category code for Hanukkah either. Finally, there are no category codes for New Years’ titles either.

Full List of Christmas Netflix Category Codes

Below the most complete list of the Christmas and festive category codes currently working on Netflix.

How to use Netflix Christmas Category Codes

The best way to access the list is through a web browser. You can use the links above to navigate directly to each category.

You can also add the code after the following web address:

From the web browser, you can then browse and then add items to your list to pick up on your TV later.

On app forms of Netflix (on your TV or mobile) your best bet is to type in the numbers seen above to trigger the search. It’s not a perfect solution but you may find that Netflix adds a special section throughout the holiday season.

Please note that category codes are known to be a little bit temperamental and may not work in all regions and devices. If no results return that means there’s either an issue with the search or there are no titles that fit that description.

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