‘King of the Hill’ Won’t Be Returning to Netflix

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King of the Hill has finally found a streaming home after multiple years of not being on Netflix. Hulu will become the new home to all of the existing seasons. That means Netflix won’t be getting the show returning. 

Despite not being on the air for nearly 8 years, the show still remains incredibly popular. Across its lifetime, it managed to put our 259 episodes across 13 seasons.

All 13 seasons of King of the Hill have now moved to Hulu in the United States.

The news comes as Hulu also announces it’ll retain the rights to many AdultSwim and Fox animated shows that it picked up from Netflix last year. These include Family Guy, Futurama and American Dad!.

Netflix Used to Stream ‘King of the Hill’

Netflix did use to be the streaming home of King of the Hill but that concluded at the end of 2013 when all seasons were removed from the service. Back in 2015, we predicted its re-addition would be unlikely.

That means anyone primarily using Netflix for content won’t be catching up on King of the Hill anytime soon.

It’s addition back to Netflix became infinitely more unlikely in 2017 when Netflix and Fox cut ties resulting in its current content leaving and any new content no longer being added to the service.

Netflix’s DVD platform that continues to operate in the US still carries the boxsets.

What about other regions?

Unfortunately, just like the US, Netflix doesn’t carry King of the Hill anywhere else either. Australians will have to continue to rely on Foxtel. We couldn’t find streaming alternatives for either the United Kingdom or Canada.

What exactly has taken so long for a streaming provider to pick up the show? That’s not exactly clear but the fact that the show has gone through multiple hands over the years and has recently changed hands again to Comedy Central could be part of it.

Are you disappointed that King of the Hill won’t be returning to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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