Resident Evil As A Netflix Original: Fake or Real?

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For those with a deep love for Resident Evil, you may have seen the teaser poster going around proclaiming to there being a Resident Evil series in the works as a Netflix Original. Without an official announcement, these are just rumours, but we’re going to take a look at the possibility and whether this is a fake rumour or not.

A quick bit of background for those who aren’t aware. The Resident Evil franchise is from a video game series, but you may also know the movie adaptations too. The horror games have been releasing since the mid-90’s with the movie franchise following several years later. The film franchise wrapped up this year as well as Resident Evil 7 releasing on new platforms too.

The Resident Evil Poster is Fake

The version that our page shared out is pretty good at convincing you that the poster is, in fact, genuine as it carries the official Netflix logo as well as the Resident Evil one too. The first thing that struck me when I first saw it was that it’s very similar to the official posters for A Series Unfortunate Events. The series has so many possibilities and so much potential and then once I did some digging I found that’s it’s fake.

Using Google Image search, the results found a post six days ago from a website called The post announced that a Netflix Original series was in the works for Resident Evil. If you take a look at some of the other posts on that site, it’s fairly clear that it’s fake news.

Here’s the original poster.

When it then started making the rounds on social media sites, one diligent Redditor pointed out that it’s the door used in Eddie Murphy’s hit, Haunted House. So alas, it’s not to be, at least not yet.

We’re not saying it’s far away from the realms of possibility of ever being pulled off, though. Video game to TV adaptations haven’t always performed too well but with a great game being released this year it’s easy to see how it could make the jump.

With an absence left with the movie franchise wrapping up, it’d fill that whole quite nicely too. That, combined with a resurgence of horror in TV lately largely, in part, down to American Horror Story, it could be the perfect match.

It’s also worth pointing out that long before A Series of Unfortunate Events was announced, a fan-made trailer also made the rounds. Our point? Where’s there’s smoke there could be fire.

We’ll let you know of any updates.

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