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Parks and Recreation wrapped up for the final time in 2015 and Netflix, since January, is now the home of every single season and every episode of the show. If you’re like me you’ve probably watched through the entire show. Several times. In the same weekend. But there does come a point when you need to step back and watch something else. That’s why in this post, we’re going to look at 5 worthy companion shows for you to binge through alongside Parks and Recreation.

The Office (U.S)


The Office shares many of the same origins as Parks and Recreation, whether that be some of the cast in the form of Rashida Jones or the fact it ran alongside Parks and Recreation for many years on NBC. The mockumentary show, inspired by the UK version of the same name, took a while to find its feet but once it did, it became one of America’s most loved sitcoms with some of the most memorable characters and known for the on-screen chemistry between Jim and Pam. The show finished up in 2013 and has been missed ever since but like Parks and Recreation, has the complete catalog streaming on Netflix right now.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


You’ll notice a recurring theme on this post and that is that the most similar shows to Parks and Recreation all have ties to NBC at some point and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, while being a Netflix Original, had beginnings at NBC. Tina Fey presented the show to executives at NBC who eventually turned the show down. Netflix however saw potential. That potential spawned season 1 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that premiered in 2015 on Netflix. The show is all about one girl who escaped from being in captivity for most of her adult life and decides to set up shop in New York City and live life to the max. Ellie Kemper is the star of the show and really brings her character alive.

30 Rock


Yep, another NBC show. 30 Rock was a way of NBC laughing at itself in many peoples eyes and boy did it like to do just that. The show is all about how a network comedy show is produced and how the crew and cast get along in the breaks. The chemistry between all of these characters are electric and while it doesn’t have the same sort of fandom as the other shows we’ve mentioned, it’s still one of NBC’s best comedies from the 21st century and Alec Baldwin is on another level here.

Master of None


If you’re looking at the picture above and thinking, “Hey that guy looks just like Tom Haverford!”, then that’s because it is! Aziz Ansari was one my favorite actors on the show from his memorable lines to that face he pulls when he’s happy or excited – you know the one. Aziz is no stranger to Netflix having already produced a few stand-up specials for the service but in 2015 he stepped up his offering with a full season of Master of None. It’s all about a 20-something who’s struggling to find purpose in life and is probably one of the best social commentaries to be found on TV right now. It’s often laugh out loud funny and one of the most surprising hit shows out of 2015.



Let’s start by saying that this show is almost definitely not going to be for everyone. If you find yourself 10 minutes into the show wondering what the heck is going on then that’s exactly what they intended. The sketch comedy show that airs on IFCstars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein that play bizarre characters in even bizzarer scenarios. You’re either going to get it or not. There’s no in between with this show.

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