Spanish Show ‘Grand Hotel’ Leaving Netflix in November 2016

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For fans of the Spanish period drama, Grand Hotel, you may want to speed up your binge watch or rewatch fast as the three seasons available on Netflix are currently scheduled to leave in November 2016. 

I was extremely surprised surrounding the popularity of this show especially since it’s subtitled rather than dubbed throughout. It’s proved to me that Netflix investing in content from abroad not necessarily in English is a worthwhile exercise and opens people up to entertainment that’s locked away from network television.

The series is known as the Spanish version of Downtown Abbey which also has mass appeal. The show started up in 2011 and ran for three seasons, the first two being less than ten episodes and the final spanning 22 episodes.

It was a long wait for Netflixers to get the final season of Grand Hotel but a worthwhile one with over double the amount of episodes.

The show, in case this is the first time you’ve ever heard of it, is a Spanish series that rewinds the clock to 1905 with our protagonists seeking out the coverup and secrets that the Grand Hotel contains.

What’s the fate of Grand Hotel on Netflix then? Currently, it’s showing up to expire in the middle of November 2016. The thing we need to take away at this early stage is that expiry dates don’t necessarily mean the writing is on the wall. We’ve seen titles have expiry dates and then get renewed at the last minute.

That doesn’t give us the all clear though as Netflix has been cleaning house recently of a lot of popular shows which I deem Grand Hotel to fit into. NBC shows have been at the forefront of this exodus but Grand Hotel may be an outlier.

What we’ll have to do is await the official list of leaving titles next month expected in the next week or so. If it’s not on that list it’s likely that it may be renewed, otherwise it’s bye-bye Grand Hotel.

Are you a fan of Grand Hotel? Will you miss it if it leaves Netflix?

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