Turn Up Charlie Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status and Release

Turn Up Charlie Season 2 – Picture from Netflix

Idris Elba returns to Netflix for his second Netflix Original Turn Up Charlie and it’s remarkably different. Turn Up Charlie season 1 just landed on Netflix on March 15th, 2019. If you’ve already blown through all eight episodes, here’s what we know about season 2 including its renewal status, words from the cast and when we’re expecting season 2 to release on Netflix.

Most characters played by Idris Elba have been serious roles so this is him deviating for what you’d usually expect and going into comedy. He’s openly admitted he was “out of his comfort zone” filming this series.

Here’s the official synopsis of the show:

A down-and-out DJ plots to rebuild his music career while working as a nanny for his famous best friend’s wild 11-year-old daughter.

The involvement Idris has with the series expand right up to the writing of the show. Speaking with Cinema-Magazin he said, “the story of Turn up Charlie is based on parenting.” He said most of the stories in the show are based on his stories as a dad.

The reason we bring up Idris’s involvement is that he’s a busy man. Right now he’s filming Cats with future roles including Deeper, Three Thousand Years of Longing and The Suicide Squad. That’s not including any future series of Luther (scheduled to leave Netflix soon by the way) or In the Long Run.

Turn Up Charlie Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Not yet renewed (last updated: 03/16/2019)

Netflix has yet to give Turn Up Charlie a second season but that’s not of concern right away. Netflix rarely gives multi-season orders so soon into the production of a show so we’re currently expecting season 2 (should it be announced) to be known by summer 2019.

There are some reports that season 2 is already in production but we weren’t able to verify this. The report from a UK tabloid says that he’s teased a second season but failed to mention where this happened.

The series landed on Netflix on March 15th alongside another comedy, Arrested Development. If we compare how each has performed via Google Searches, we can quickly see that compared to two other shows that released, it was relatively overlooked.

Idris Elba in Turn Up Charlie (Image: Netflix)

The series certainly ended on a cliffhanger and rather abruptly too after episode 8. The biggest question remaining (spoilers) is whether Charlie will choose Astrid or Sara.

When will season 2 of Turn Up Charlie be on Netflix?

Assuming the series gets a fast renewal, you would normally expect it to run on a yearly schedule. If that’s the case, you can probably expect season 2 to be available either in March or April 2020.

But as we’ve discussed above, with Idris’s other commitments that could mean delays in the production. We’ll update this as and when we hear of the fate of the show.

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