Every Netflix Production Halted Due to Coronavirus

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The coronavirus outbreak has devastated production schedules around the world. Below we’ll be looking at all the productions currently confirmed as delayed due to the outbreak and when the plans are to return to full production.

Below, we’ll be keeping an eye on all the productions that have stalled, are set to continue or anything else news related to the virus.

Full List of Netflix Productions Halted Due to Coronavirus

Please note: we’re adding to this list as we get word on other productions.

Here’s a list of the other confirmed Netflix productions currently halted because of the Coronavirus:

  • Another Life (Season 2) – Filming in Vancouver, Canada
  • Clickbait (Movie) – Filming in Melbourne, Australia
  • Country Comfort (Season 1) – Filming in Los Angeles
  • Black Summer (Season 2) – Filming in Calgary, Canada
  • Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me (Season 1)
  • Dear White People (Season 4)
  • Don’t Look Up – Jennifer Lawrence sci-fi movie due out at the end of 2020 – Filming in Boston & Washington DC
  • Glow (Season 4) – Filming in Los Angeles
  • Grace & Frankie (Season 7)
  • Halston (Limited Series)

  • I Think You Should Leave (Season 2) – Filmed in Los Angeles
  • Lou (Feature Film) – Filmed in Vancouver
  • Lucifer (Season 5)
  • Midnight Mass (Season 1)

  • Night Teeth (Feature Film) – Filmed in New Orleans & Los Angeles
  • On The Verge (Season 1) – Canal+ co-production – Filming in Los Angeles & France
  • Peaky Blinders (Season 6)
  • Pieces of Her (Season 1) – Filming in Vancouver
  • Rebel Ridge (Featured Film) – Filming in Louisiana
  • Resident Evil (Season 1) – Filming in South Africa
  • Russian Doll (Season 2)
  • Sentient (Season 1) – Filming in Winnipeg
  • Sex Education (Season 3) – Filming in Wales, UK
  • Sex/Life (Season 1)
  • Stranger Things (Season 4) – Filming in Atlanta/Lithuania/New Mexico
  • The Crew (Season 1) – Filming in New York and Richmond
  • The Harder They Fall (Movie) – Filming in New Mexico
  • The Noel Diary (Feature Film) – Filming in Vancouver
  • The Power of the Dog (Feature Film) – Filming in New Zealand
  • The Upshaws (Season 1) –  Filming in Los Angeles
  • The Sandman (Season 1) – On hold.
  • The Society (Season 2) – Filming in Boston
  • The Witcher (Season 2)
  • TICK, TICK…BOOM! (Feature Film) – New York
  • Top Boy (Season 4) – Filming in London
  • Unforgiven (Feature film) – Filming in Vancouver
  • Vikings Valhalla (Season 1) –
  • Zero Chill (Season 1) – Filming in Sheffield, UK

This list will be kept up-to-date over the next few weeks as we discover new shows that have been halted.

Netflix Animation and most Netflix offices have been closed down as they encourage employees to work from home. However, most can be done remotely. Similarly, most shows that are in post-production can also be done remotely.

You can find an extended list that covers other streaming networks and network television productions that have shutdown here.

When will production on Netflix shows start again?

A big question everyone has on their minds is when the quarantines will come to an end. Most companies and government seems to be betting on the summer. We’d cautiously suggest that Netflix is banking on the same as some of their production schedules include July and August.

In the Q1 2020 investor call Netflix did, Ted Sarandos mentioned that some productions in Korea and Iceland had started back up again.

Which of the delayed Netflix Originals are you looking forward to watching most? Let us know in the comments below.

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