Luther Scheduled to Leave Netflix in April 2019

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Say it isn’t so! Just when we thought season five of Luther was set to arrive this September, there may not be anymore Luther on Netflix in the next month. Alongside Luther, a large portion of BBC titles has been scheduled to leave Netflix! With less than a month to go before Luther is set to leave let’s take a look at why Luther is scheduled to leave Netflix.

Updated (04/01/2019): The series, as planned has now been removed from Netflix as part of 27 other series too from the BBC. 

Luther is a BBC Crime-Drama written and created by Neil Cross. The series fast became one of the most popular titles the BBC had to offer and is easily one of the most popular BBC titles of the past decade. Starring Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson, the series has earned numerous nominations and accolades with Elba, Wilson, and Cross rightfully being recognized for their incredible contributions to the show.

Detective John Luther is a DCI for the Serious Crimes Unit for the Metropolitan Police Force. Luther is a passionate and dedicated police officer with a near genius intellect for solving crimes. While he is a brilliant detective he is far from perfect, becoming obsessed with solving the crimes he is given, Luther has paid heavy prices for his dedication to his work. When he meets Alice Morgan, an equally intelligent but murderous and psychopathic individual he becomes obsessed with arresting her. Unable to find the evidence needed, Alice’s equal obsession with Luther leads the pair to become unlikely companions but ultimately each others nemesis.

Luther scheduled to leave Netflix US

Luther has been scheduled to leave Netflix on the 1st of April. It’s been almost 5 years since Luther first arrived on Netflix and the 5-year license for Netflix to stream the popular crime-drama is almost over. Just because the series is scheduled to leave it doesn’t mean it definitely will. A lot of BBC titles have been scheduled to leave within the next month but its highly possible a lot of shows will be getting a renewal.

Will Luther leave for BritBox?

For those unaware of the existence of BritBox, it’s a streaming service specifically for BBC and ITV content. The service first launched in 2017 and as of January 2019, it has around half a million subscribers. With the announcement of BritBox being available in the UK, it is highly plausible that the BBC may push for more content to be added to the BritBox library once titles licensed by Netflix come to an end.

Other Regions?

Luther is currently available in 27 other regions but a large portion of countries also has Luther scheduled to leave:

Country Netflix Arrival Date Scheduled to Leave Date
Australia 04/14/2015 03/30/2019
Czech Republic 03/31/2016 03/30/2019
Greece 03/31/2016 03/30/2019
Hong Kong 04/14/2016 03/30/2019
Hungary 03/31/2016 03/30/2019
India 03/31/2016 03/30/2019
Israel 11/25/2018 03/30/2019
Japan 09/15/2018 03/30/2019
Lithuania 03/31/2016 03/30/2019
Polan 03/31/2016 03/30/2019
Romania 03/31/2016 03/30/2019
Russia 03/31/2016 03/30/2019
Singapore 07/01/2016 03/30/2019
Slovakia 03/31/2016 03/30/2019
South Korea 03/31/2016 03/30/2019
Thailand 06/19/2018 03/30/2019


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