What happened to Ever After High Season 6 on Netflix?

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Ever After High was a regular staple kids series on Netflix with new seasons dropping every six months. In total, five seasons dropped on Netflix and below we’re going to take a look at when each season released plus check out what happened to season 6 of Ever After High.

Ever After High was a brand new product line from Mattel announced in 2013. Alongside the Netflix series, it released a series of webisodes on Youtube as well as products, books and more.

Release Schedule for Ever After High on Netflix

Before we look into season 6, let’s take a look back and when each of the previous seasons dropped on Netflix.

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Season 1 didn’t drop all at once with new episodes arriving monthly. The date shown in the table is when all episodes of season 1 were made available.

Season 2 wasn’t a full season rather consisting of a single 47-minute long episode.

Season # Season Name Netflix Release Date
Season 1 Welcome to Ever After High 30th October, 2014
Season 2 Spring Unsprung 6th February, 2015
Season 3 Way Too Wonderland 14th August, 2015
Season 4 Dragon Games 29th January, 2016
Season 5 Epic Winter 5th August, 2016

What happened to season 6? Is it coming to Netflix?

At this point, it’s probably best to consider that season 6 of Ever After High will never be coming to Netflix. That’s despite conflicting news from the toy makers Twitter account and the differentiation between the Youtube account and the Netflix series.

Given we’re now 3 years away since season 5 dropped the show won’t likely ever return.

This was confirmed by Mattel who apologized with this tweet.

Hope came at the end of 2017 when Mattel confirmed that the “Ever After High line has not been canceled”. The problem with this tweet is that “line” doesn’t specifically talk about the Netflix series rather the IP as a whole.

Fans are disappointed with the news of no season 6 on the way for Ever After High.

The best place to be watching more Ever After High episodes/clips is on the shows Youtube account. It continues to regularly upload new episodes. As of the time of publishing, the channel has over 1,700 videos available.

Once you’re done with Ever After High, Netflix also streams two other movies from a similar franchise from Mattel. They’re under the Monster High franchise. The first movie is called “Monster High: 13 Wishes” and the second “Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!”

Do you wish Ever After High will come back for a sixth season? Let us know down below.

What happened to Ever After High Season 6 on Netflix?

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