When will Archer leave Netflix?

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Archer, the hit FX animated sitcom is likely going to be leaving Netflix in 2018 thanks to Netflix’s relationship with FX’s parent company FOX coming to a close. Although no date has been finalized, we’re expecting seasons 1 to 6 to leave Netflix in March 2018.

Updated: The series is now officially listed for removal in March 2018.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Netflix has been steadily removing the entirety of the FOX library. Obviously, some titles have remained and many are still yet to expire. The deal between FOX and Netflix came to an end last summer. You can keep a track of all the titles leaving Netflix from Fox in our guide. We’re still expecting the remainder of Family Guy to leave soon plus the entirety of New Girl and Sons of Anarchy.

Archer will be perhaps one of the most prolific titles from the FX library to be leaving Netflix given it’s still massively popular. Add to that many will rely on Netflix to watch the series but the good news is that it currently already has another home.

Archer Removal Date

We don’t currently know the date as to when the series will leave but we’re currently expecting it to be in March 2018. The reason for this is that it’s typically when Archer gets renewed. At the moment, we’re currently waiting for season 8 of Archer to hit Netflix but obviously, if the series expires it’s not going to be coming.

As for where you can stream it, Hulu will be the main location if you’re wanting to watch on a subscription. So far, Hulu has been the recipient of most to all of the Fox and FX shows that have left Netflix.

We’ll likely get official confirmation of when Archer is leaving Netflix sometime during February 2018 when expiration dates become available for the following month.

Could it be saved?

Some FX and Fox titles have remained on Netflix despite the library leaving. In those rare cases, special agreements have come into play. We’re yet to hear any news about any such arrangements for Archer.

What will replace Archer? Netflix is desperately trying to catch up with its animated sitcom selection with F is for Family, Bojack Horseman, and Big Mouth.

Are you sad to be seeing Archer leave Netflix? Let us know down below.

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