When will Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy be on Netflix?

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Grey’s Anatomy is back for its fifteenth season and ABC’s medical drama is still going strong after 14 years on the air. Fans of the show will be happy to hear that the medical drama will be coming to Netflix. We have the release schedule below and what we can expect of season 15. 

The show has been a staple of the ABC lineup for many years now and lots of changes abound for the show. For one, there are rumors circulating that season 16 will be the very last of the show, we may be starting to see the beginning of the end Meredith Grey. Continuing on from previous seasons we can expect to see the characters of the show dealing with hardships and difficulties of working on a surgical wing of a busy Seattle hospital.

This season of Grey’s Anatomy will see the show exceed the 300 episode mark. Grey’s Anatomy is currently the longest-running scripted primetime show on ABC history. And while ratings over the years have dipped, the medical drama powerhouse was ranked as ABC’s highest-rated drama.

In addition to this, we can expect a new direction for Meredith Grey which is set to focus more on her evolution as a Doctor and a Mother.

The Cast

Both Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew have the left the show. Jessica played the role of Arizona Robbins and was cast in season 6. Sarah Drew portrayed, April Kepner and joined the cast in season 7. With the departure of both actresses, we can expect to see a big change in dynamic of the show once again.

The ‘Originals’ of the show which include Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr are also back for season 15. This means an astonishing 4 out of 9 original cast members have stayed on since the Grey’s Anatomy first aired all the way back in 2005.

Ellen Pompeo is currently under contract for season 16 and is the highest paid actress in television. This would see the show exceed the 350 episode milestone and would also overtake ER as the longest-running medical drama in American TV history.

Season 16 may very well be the last Season of Grey’s Anatomy as actress Ellen Pompeo has hinted the very next season may, in fact, be her last.

When can we expect the US release date?

In previous years Grey’s Anatomy has arrived on Netflix in the summer. ABC typically adds new seasons shortly before new ones air on ABC.

Season 14 was added to Netflix in the middle of June 2018. That means we can expect season 15 to be added between May and July 2019.

If you can’t wait, Hulu and ABC are both services that are operating on a catchup basis meaning you can watch the past few episodes but the back catalogue remains exclusive to Netflix.

What about other regions?

If you’re in Canada, you’ll also be getting season 15. Season 14 recently came to Netflix in September 2018 and as a result, we’re expecting season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy to be on Netflix CA in September 2019.

In the UK Grey’s Anatomy has been a long time exclusive for broadcaster Sky on their Sky Living channel. Only on Sky Go and Now TV will you able to stream Grey’s Anatomy.

For fans in Australia, the show is available on Seven’s primary channel.

Are you excited for Grey’s Anatomy season 15?

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