When will Season 4 of ‘Van Helsing’ be on Netflix?

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Van Helsing has returned once more to SyFy for its fourth outing. With the fourth season-ending on the 28th of December, many fans will be wondering when we can expect to see it arrive on Netflix. Subscribers will be waiting until 2020 to see the next bloody season, and here’s when we can expect to see Van Helsing season 4 on Netflix.

Van Helsing began its life on the SyFy channel in 2016, but its popularity can certainly be credited to Netflix. While many subscribers can agree the quality is often lacking, that doesn’t take away how watchable Van Helsing is. We aren’t ashamed to admit that Van Helsing is a guilty pleasure of ours at What’s on Netflix, and we can’t wait to see season 4 to drop.

After a cataclysmic event, the world is shrouded in a near state of darkness. Without the threat of the sun, blood-thirsty Vampires soon conquer, leaving very few human survivors alive. Humanity’s last hope rests in the hands of the comatose Vanessa Van Helsing, the descendant of legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing.

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When will season 4 of Van Helsing be on Netflix?

Unlike other regions, the US receives the latest season of Van Helsing much later. The third season arrived on Netflix in August 2019, and we fully expect the fourth season to follow suit.

Aside from the select few titles, many of the US networks show’s latest seasons don’t arrive until the following season is about to premiere on its respective network.

Potential Release Date: August 2020

Season 3 Finale Recap

After their trial by ordeal, Sam and Vanessa came to a climactic showdown to decide who would become the fourth elder. Sam murdered Mohammed, to destroy what little light remained inside himself, as for Vanessa, she couldn’t bring it upon herself to kill her sister. Scarlett took the matter into her own hands, and sacrificed herself, hoping it would make Vanessa a better person.

Scarlett’s sacrifice was in vain, Vanessa’s light had died after the death of her daughter Dylan. Sam, is selected to become the next elder, and in doing so his physical appearance changed dramatically. In a climactic fight between Sam and Vanessa in the crypts, some of Sam’s blood splashed across the face of Vanessa’s ancestor Lilly, with the latter joining the fray.

Meanwhile, the Denver base is under siege by Daywalkers, with Doc and Julius helping the defending survivors.

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What to expect from the fourth season of Van Helsing?

Vanessa, with the help of her ancestor Lilly must find a way to utilize her inner light and destroy the remaining elders.

Sam, now the fourth elder will be reveling in his new position, and when he isn’t hunting Vanessa, he’ll be causing all kinds of chaos with his new powers.

After Scarlett’s sacrifice, Axel has made it clear that if he ever sees Vanessa again, he will not hesitate to kill her.

As for the Denver survivors, Doc is being forced into making a bullet that will kill daywalkers.

When will season 4 be coming to Netflix in other regions?

The third season of Van Helsing came to Netflix UK, Canada and Australia on the 24th of February, 2019.

Seasons of Van Helsing don’t take long to arrive on Netflix outside of the US, we fully expect the latest season to arrive on respective regions in February/March 2020.

Is the fourth season of Van Helsing the last?

At the time of writing, there’s no confirmation that season 4 is the last season of Van Helsing.

Network ratings for Van Helsing have dropped season by season, but the series still remains a popular fixture on Netflix. The story could potentially be wrapped up by the end of season 4, but it’s more than likely the series will end after five seasons.

Are you looking forward to the release of Van Helsing season 4 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

When will Season 4 of ‘Van Helsing’ be on Netflix?

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