When will ‘Seinfeld’ be on Netflix?

Seinfeld – Picture: Sony TV

Seinfeld is coming to Netflix and despite it leaving Hulu in June, it’s now not expected to arrive on Netflix around the world until September 2021.

As you may remember, Netflix announced back in September 2019 that it would be picking up the global rights to Seinfeld from Sony who distributes the show. Netflix reportedly competed against HBO Max, NBC Universal (Peacock) and Hulu (who hold the rights in the US currently) for the streaming rights which would lapse in 2021.

The series that aired on NBC from 1989 through 1998 has come into high demand in recent years thanks to comedies performing incredibly well on streaming services creating a licensing gold mine for studios willing to license them out.

Most studios, however, have opted to take back licensing for themselves in the US at least including Friends reverting back to Warner and The Office now residing exclusively on Peacock. Outside the US is still a different story for now.

To find out exactly when Seinfeld will be on Netflix, we likely have to look at when it was first added to Hulu which could give us an idea on when the contract actually comes up for renewal.

When it was originally announced the Seinfeld would be coming to Hulu in April 2015, it was then delayed and didn’t touch down on Hulu until June 26th, 2015. The deal at the time was huge with episodes valued at $875k per episode with the total package being $160 million. While we don’t know how much Netflix has paid, given the market it’s likely it eclipses that number. Hulu, according to Deadline, wasn’t looking to renew the title given that while it performed OK, it accounted for less than 1% of all viewing.

You can see the Tweet from Hulu confirming the removal date of Seinfeld below.

As a result, we were expecting every season of Seinfeld to touch down on Netflix on June 26th, 2021, however, that no longer looks to be the case.

According to a report from Vulture, the series may not now hit until September 2021 at the earliest with them saying:

“industry insiders familiar with the situation tell us Jerry and Elaine and George and Kramer won’t land on Netflix until closer to the fall — September at the earliest”

What Netflix regions will stream Seinfeld in 2021?

Netflix has acquired the global streaming rights to the series so Netflix will carry the series in every region.

Some regions are seeing Seinfeld expire as soon as February 2021 on existing platforms. It’s yet to arrive on Netflix in those regions, however.

How many episodes of Seinfeld are coming to Netflix?

All 180 episodes across nine seasons that aired on NBC are coming to Netflix.

What format will Seinfeld be on Netflix?

As per Hulu, Netflix will be getting all episodes in an upscaled format that will display up to 4K (dependent on your Netflix package). As you may know, Netflix has a wide range of 4K titles and most Netflix Originals are now shot in the resolution. Older titles, however, typically are displayed in lower resolutions.

Will Seinfeld on Netflix have the shuffle button?

It’s unclear but unlikely that Netflix will have one of the other nice features Hulu provided for Seinfeld. We’re referring to a special shuffle button that Hulu implemented whereby you can randomly drop into an episode. Netflix has never implemented such a feature for any show and it’s unlikely too for Seinfeld either.

Will Netflix share with Hulu like Community?

Another of Netflix’s recent pickups has been Community (also from Sony Pictures) but in that scenario, it shared the streaming rights with Hulu. All of the original reporting of the deal suggests Netflix will have it exclusively.

Are you looking forward to seeing Seinfeld on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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