‘Community’ Coming to Netflix Globally in April 2020

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All six seasons of Community are heading to Netflix on April 1st globally. That’s likely just one part of the story, however, with the long-rumored reunion, movie or an additional season potentially in the works. Here’s everything you need to know about Community on Netflix in 2020.

Netflix is notably losing two of its biggest sitcoms. Friends departed Netflix in January 2020 whereas The Office is currently due to depart in January 2021.

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It’s made strides in getting back catalog content in the form of Seinfeld coming next year but Community represents a great replacement for The Office.

As announced on March 13th, Netflix in the US is due to get Community on April 1st as is Netflix in the UK. In fact, we’re currently expecting a worldwide launch on April 1st.

The NBC show went through a rough ride on its network television slot. It eventually went onto become one of the only Yahoo Screen originals but it never got a fair shake.

Will Community leave Hulu?

Interestingly, it looks like Netflix has managed to acquire the license to Community and will share it with another streaming service. That’s increasingly rare with streaming services trying to differentiate itself with exclusive content.

Hulu confirmed, hours after Netflix announced Community would be coming to Netflix, that the series is not going anywhere at least not for the immediate future.

Six seasons and a movie?

We all know the saying. Six seasons and a movie but will Netflix be the ones to give it the go-ahead? Signs certainly point that way.

We’ve speculated in the past Netflix could be the ones to bring Community back from the dead one last time and news in recent week, particularly teases from the cast could suggest it’s sooner than we anticipated.

In January, a reunion panel took place where most of the cast members took part.

Speaking of that panel, the hour-long ordeal is currently available on YouTube and is well worth watching.

In February 2020, Yvette Nicole Brown announced that she had an interesting call regarding the show that was shortly after Alison Brie answered a question regarding a movie on a Reddit AMA where she specifically said: “actually got an interesting call about it this week…stay tuned…”

Not to mention it was teased in Joel McHale’s show for Netflix where multiple cast members seemed to hint about a future for the movie.

In other words, we’re highly suspecting Netflix is going to give Community a movie and with that, Community’s future on Netflix is likely to secure for the future on Netflix.

That’s all we know about Community coming to Netflix on April 1st. Let us know in the comments how excited you are.

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