Young & Hungry Fans Look to Netflix for Revival

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Young and Hungry will be ending after season 5 after Freeform decided to cancel the series and not proceed with a movie. Many fans across different social media channels have taken to the platforms to ask Netflix to revive their show. It’s no surprise they’re asking Netflix after the streaming provider has notably revived many fan-favorite shows such as the recently revived Lucifer. 

The long-running series Young & Hungry has been airing on Freeform since 2014. New seasons have come to Netflix on a regular basis making Netflix the provider of choice for watching new older episodes of the show.

The fifth season of Young & Hungry was to serve as the last with Freeform announcing the cancellation but added that there would be a movie to round out the series and end the story. Unfortunately, this movie won’t be coming to fruition as Freeform TV went back on the word and canceled the movie. Emily Osment took to Twitter to announce the fact a future series and movie won’t be happening.

Because a movie was expected, the show didn’t quite wrap up how fans had hoped to leave some big plot holes open. This has led to disappointment from the fans who have begun reaching out to other networks, including Netflix, in the hopes of getting on to revive the show either for a new season or the promised movie released.

As to why Freeform decided to not move ahead, we don’t know. The reason most shows don’t get renewed is usually related to money and viewing figures.

As we mentioned above, Netflix has had a hand in reviving multiple shows. This year, it’s revived Lucifer, a fan-favorite. Other campaigns for Netflix to revive shows include Shadowhunters and Designated Survivor.

What the fans are saying

There’s a lot of people looking to Netflix and/or other networks to revive Young & Hungry to revive the story. Here are a few examples we found on Twitter.

How to add your voice

Netflix is known for being customer focused and listens to fans of all shows. The best ways to get in touch with them is through their social channels and using the title request feature on the Netflix help site.

Now over to you, do you want to see Netflix revive Young & Hungry for either future seasons or the movie that was promised? Let us know in the comments down below.

Young & Hungry Fans Look to Netflix for Revival

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