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Complete List of Netflix Originals

Netflix has produced a wide range of original content. This includes TV specials, series, movies and documentaries. In this section on What’s on Netflix we’ve got the complete A-Z of Netflix Originals in each of their sections.

Netflix Original Anime

Anime is all new territory for Netflix but one that’s got a huge potential for the service. Anime in the West is growing rapidly and has some of the most vocal fans around.

Netflix Original Anime A-Z

Netflix Original Kids Series

A dedicated section aimed towards kids shows clear intentions from Netflix and their Netflix Original series they’ve produced and producing backs up the that fact.

Netflix Original Kids Series A-Z

Netflix Original Comedy Series

Netflix has made significant strides when it comes to their comedy lineup. They’ve worked with an impressive talent pool to create and reboot some awesome shows.

Netflix Original Comedy Series A-Z

Netflix Original Documentaries

Netflix has often touched what other networks wouldn’t. Covering lots of different subjects whether they be controversial, groundbreaking or award-winning, there’s something for everyone.

Netflix Original Documentaries A-Z

Netflix Original Drama Series

The Netflix Drama Originals are most likely why you’re here. They’re the best that Netflix has to offer and some of them are downright fantastic. From House of Cards to Orange is the New Black there’s something for everyone.

Netflix Original Drama Series A-Z

Netflix Original Movies

Hollywood watch out! Netflix is coming ot get you. Their expansion into movies was made clear in 2015 and will likely continue for years to come.

Netflix Original Movies A-Z

Netflix Original Stand-up Comedy

Netflix has managed to allow some of the greatest comics of the modern era to perform exclusive shows only available on Netflix.

Netflix Original Stand-up Comedy