Every ‘The Witcher’ Movie and Series Coming to Netflix After Seson 3

Lots more adventures are planned for us on The Continent.

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every the witcher project in development at netflix

The Witcher Season 3 – Picture: Netflix

Season 3 of The Witcher is just around the corner for Netflix, with the split season coming out over the summer of 2023. The world of the Witcherverse doesn’t end there, though, with numerous projects in development. The Witcher projects are currently being developed at Netflix as of 2023.

Adapting the Andrzej Sapkowski novels, The Witcher has become one of Netflix’s biggest shows and franchises on the platform. However, the discourse surrounding the show has certainly soured as of late. The first and second seasons are on Netflix’s most popular TV show list, with 541.01 million hours watched for season 1 and season 2 picking up 484.34 million hours in their first 28 days on the platform.

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Lauren Schmidt Hissrich helms the franchise for Netflix via her production company Little Schmidt Productions. Her production company has an overall deal with Netflix that was struck in August 2021.

As a quick refresher (we’ve got a separate guide coming up with the chronological watch order), here are all The Witcher titles to have been released thus far:

  • The Witcher (Season 1) – Released December 20th, 2019
  • The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf – Released August 23, 2021
  • The Witcher (Season 2) – Released December 17th, 2021
  • The Witcher: Blood Origin – Released December 25th, 2022

The Witcher Shows and Movies Coming Soon to Netflix

The Witcher (Seasons 4-5)

the witcher season 3 netflix

The mothership series of The Witcher will continue on beyond season 3, albeit with some significant changes on the horizon. As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Henry Cavill will pass on the baton of being Geralt of Rivia to Liam Hemsworth.

No word on when we’ll be getting a fourth season, although recent casting suggests filming could get underway by the close of 2023.

In May 2023, the casting director for the Netflix show has also seemingly confirmed that a fifth season is also in active development, meaning we’re getting at least two new seasons of the main show following Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer.

The Rats / Riff Raff (Limited Series)

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rats the witcher by justanor d8hq87a fullview

The Rats portraits

First reported on in late 2022, we’ve slowly been getting more and more on a new spin-off prequel series that’s about the characters within The Witcher known as The Rats.

Expected to take place before the events of season 3, here’s the short logline for the series that we’ve seen so far:

“Six teenage thieves must rely on their criminal skills as they plan the biggest heist of their careers against the most dangerous crime ring in the kingdom.”

The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep

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Sirens of the Deep

A Little Sacrifice artwork by Rayvell

Thought to be adapting the Andrzej Sapkowski short story A Little Sacrifice, this will be the second major anime to be produced within the world of The Witcher following The Nightmare of the Wolf. The short story tells the tale of star-crossed trans-species lovers: a mermaid named Sh’eenaz and a human prince named Agloval.

Studio Mir is once again on board to animate the new movie.

Untitled The Witcher Kids and Family Series

Perhaps the biggest surprise from the September 2021 TUDUM announcements for The Witcher was that we’re getting a kids and family series set in the world of The Witcher.

Given the TV-MA nature of the main series and the other titles (the blood, gore, effing and jeffing, plus the laundry list of other explicit content seen throughout), we’re keen to see how exactly this looks in practice.

Which new Witcher project are you looking forward to checking out? Let us know in the comments down below.

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