Coin Heist Netflix Original Movie Soundtrack w/ Spotify Playlist

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Coin Heist is the latest Netflix Original movie to hit the service and serves as the first one of 2017. It features young and upcoming cast who plot together too after the US Mint using their unique skills. Those skills include people who are known as the hacker, the slacker, the athlete, and the perfect student.

The soundtrack also featured music from lesser known bands and lifted the movie tremendously. Below, we’ve included the full track listing as well as a Spotify playlist link and embed.

Complete Track Listing

  • What Do You Want – Justin Jay & Friends
  • Up and Beyond – WildCat! Wildcat!
  • I Found My Music – Muhammed Cunningham
  • Dreams – Timecop1983 feat Dana Jean Phoenix
  • Phoebe’s Room – Brigitte Laverne
  • My Mixed-Up Girl – Demure for Sure
  • My First Crush – Timecop1983 feat. TrevorSomething
  • Wild Love – Timecop1983 feat. Ollie Wride
  • Going Blind – Sasha Pieterse
  • Brothers, Sisters, Lovers Etc. – Sasha Pieterse
  • Dreamin – Pillar Point
  • Haunted – Crescendo
  • Brothers Sisters, Lovers Etc – Rain Collectors

Spotify Playlist

We’ve put together a playlist for the soundtrack (where the songs are available) in Spotify which you can find the embedded widget below and the full playlist here.

Coin Heist Netflix Original Movie Soundtrack w/ Spotify Playlist

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