Criminal Minds may leave Netflix in 2019

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Criminal Minds may soon be following Hawai Five-0 by leaving Netflix for good in 2019. Both Netflix and CBS have been silent of the future of CBS shows on Netflix but recent events lead us to believe that all twelve seasons of Criminal Minds currently available may be dropped from Netflix this year.

The CBS show remains widely popular even having been on the air for over a decade. Netflix is short of American crime procedural shows of its own so relies on the likes of CBS to get its content, or at least has done.

Criminal Minds has been streaming on Netflix since August 2014 and up until last year, got yearly annual updates of its new seasons on Netflix.

In 2018, the series failed to renew throughout the summer when it usually does. As of the time of publishing season 13 has still yet to reach Netflix in the United States and doesn’t seem to be coming. That also likely rules out the possibility of season 14 coming to Netflix too.

Is Criminal Minds leaving Netflix?

We’ve known for some time that CBS is transitioning away from using aggregate services like Netflix instead opting to put their shows exclusively on CBS All Access. The show, along with the spinoffs are currently available on CBS All Access.

At the moment, Criminal Minds isn’t scheduled to leave Netflix but with the untimely removal of Hawaii Five-0 on February 24th, 2019 we’re now expecting Criminal Minds to follow suit in 2019.

Given the shows main addition date is in August, if we do see Criminal Minds leave it could be as early as August 2019.

The news of Hawaii Five-0’s renewal spells bad news for other CBS shows on Netflix such as NCIS, Blue Bloods and Madam Secretary which were all expected to get new seasons this year.

Should Netflix and CBS reconsider and get seasons 13 and 14 of Criminal Minds on Netflix? Will you switch to CBS All Access if Criminal Minds does depart? Let us know down below.

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