EastSiders Season 4: Will it be on Netflix?

Copyright Kit Williamson

Eastsiders season 4 looks like it will be going ahead after it gets funding through Kickstarter but will the new and final season of EastSiders be coming to Netflix? We reached out to the creator of the show to find out. 

In case you’ve missed out on the first three seasons, allow us to bring you up to date with what you’re missing. EastSiders is an LGBT drama series that’s been nominated for multiple Emmy awards. The series follows Cal who along with his friends goes through a period where he finds out his partner Thom is cheating on him.

Seasons 1 to 3 of EastSiders has now been available on Netflix for some time and it being on the streaming service has no doubt helped the success of the show. Season 4 has once again taken the route of the previous three seasons to remain an independent production and be funded partly on Kickstarter. The campaign at the time of writing had reached its initial funding goal of $100k.

Will season 4 be coming to Netflix?

As with the previous seasons of Eastsiders, all have been funded independently and are not part of the Netflix Original. With that said, as we mentioned above, Netflix has been largely influential in growing the show’s audience.

We reached out to the shows creator Kit Williamson asking whether season 4 would be coming to Netflix over Twitter. Here’s the response we got:

It seems to be absolutely guaranteed to watch season 4 of EastSiders you’ll need to head over to their Kickstarter page and back the project.

Should Netflix then pick it up it’ll come sometime after the Kickstarter release which is currently scheduled to be in September 2019. Season 3, which was also kickstarted arrived on Netflix roughly four months after the predicted release date on Kickstarter. Season 4, using this timetable, would arrive on Netflix in January/February 2020 at the earliest.