‘Grace and Frankie’ Season 7: Netflix Release Date & What We Know So Far

grace and frankie season 7 netflix what we know so far

Grace & Frankie – Picture: Netflix

Grace & Frankie will soon return for their seventh and final season on Netflix after significant production delays. Here’s the latest on Grace & Frankie season 7 including where the production is up to, what we can expect from the next season, and when will season 7 of Grace & Frankie release on Netflix.

The longest-running Netflix show will now bow out after 7 seasons and 94 episodes. It’s no surprise it’s been one of Netflix’s longest-running shows with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin fronting and being created by NBC’s Friends showrunner (no longer on Netflix in the US) Marta Kauffman.

Season 6 of Grace & Frankie was made available on Netflix as of January 15th, 2020 globally and originally, we figured the final season would hit in January 2021 but as you’ve probably figured out, the series was delayed.

Season 7, while wrapping up the story, will likely see a return to season 1 in the sense that all four main characters could end up living under the same roof but for the monent, the story for season 7 is under wraps.

Let’s now run through what we do know:

Why is season 7 of Grace & Frankie the final season?

In a string of Tweets on September 4th, 2019 we got word that Grace & Frankie had already been renewed ahead of its January 2020 season 6 release date. The official Twitter account also confirmed the news that season 7 is a go with the caveat that season 7 will also be the last.

In the announcement here’s what Lily and Jane both had to say on the show closing out:

“We’re so grateful that our show has been able to deal with issues that have really connected to our grand generation. And their kids, and amazingly, their kids as well! We’ll miss these two old gals, Grace and Frankie, as much as many of their fans will, but we’ll still be around.”

Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris who run the show said:

“It’s thrilling and somehow fitting, that our show about the challenges, as well as the beauty and dignity of aging, will be the oldest show on Netflix.”

Officially, we don’t know why Netflix has chosen season 7 to be the final season, but it’s likely due to the showrunners naturally wanting to conclude the show.

It doesn’t, however, meet the older more traditional goal for shows reaching 100 episodes which has been advantageous in the past but seemingly made less relevant in the age of streaming.

Marta Kauffman already has several new projects in the work post Grace and Frankie according to an interview with Rolling Stone. That includes a pilot going to TNT and a screenplay based on the book We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves.

Where is Grace & Frankie season 7 in production?

Grace & Frankie began production soon after season 6 released on Netflix. In fact, filming for the seventh season originally began on January 27th, 2020.

In March 2020, however, the show’s production was shut down alongside other Netflix productions such as Russian Doll season 2 (among countless others) as the global pandemic took its toll on productions. Of course, this made the estimated release of January 2021 unattainable.

In April 2020, to continue preparation for the inevitable return to production, the cast and crew of Grace & Frankie did a special live stream table read of an upcoming episode in season 7. The table read was supporting Meals on Wheels.


With no news throughout summer 2020, some feared that the show could go the way of GLOW and not come back at all. Thankfully, that turned out not to be the case when Jane Fonda posted on her blog about her plans for the holiday season which included a snippet of information regarding the show’s future.

In the post, it stated that they’re currently planning to continue filming in early June 2021. She added a bit more on why the delay is so long saying: “A long time to wait but, given the age and vulnerability of the 4 leads, it’s best. I’ll be headed into 84 by the time we’re done. Yikes!”

ProductionList.com lists filming getting underway from June 7th, 2021. ProductionList also lists (unsurprisingly) the returning cast including:

  • Jane Fonda
  • Lily Tomlin
  • Sam Waterson
  • Martin Sheen
  • Brooklyn Decker
  • June Diane Raphael
  • Baron Vaughn

Filming continues to take place in Los Angeles, California.

Season 7 will be an expanded final season of Grace & Frankie

That’s right, all previous seasons of Grace & Frankie have had 13 episodes each. That will not be the case for season 7 as it’s been confirmed that season 7 will 16 episodes, which as we mentioned above, brings the total episode count of the show to 94.

grace and frankie new season january 2018

Will Dolly Parton be in season 7 of Grace & Frankie?

The rumors over the years of Dolly featuring in Grace & Frankie in some form have always never materialized.

However, in February 2021, Dolly Parton was being interviewed on Lorraine in the United Kingdom where she revealed that it could become a reality. After all, Dolly Parton has/is working on a number of Netflix projects.

In the interview, Parton said: “We worked so well together on 9 to 5, it’s a crazy wonderful show.” adding

Lily Tomlin has also strongly hinted at Parton’s appearance at some point saying: “We’ve got a great role for her this time. I think she will do it. I’m just hoping she will”.

When will season 7 of Grace and Frankie release on Netflix?

Season 4, 5 and 6 have all released on Netflix in the first month of the year.

That’s why we were originally predicting that season 7 of Grace & Frankie will be on Netflix in January 2021.

With production picking back up in summer 2021 (and some filming already concluded) it’s possible we could see the show return to its regular January spot meaning January 2022.

We’ll keep you updated as and when we learn more.

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Everything else you need to know about season 7 of Grace & Frankie

  • Grace & Frankie is the longest-running show in Netflix’s history and will remain that way for some time given The Ranch is also due to end after part 8.
  • Jane Fonda has been in the press a lot over the past year mainly due to her efforts in the climate change activism debate. She’s been organizing many protests in Washington DC.
  • In an interview with the LA Time, Kauffmann teased the next season saying: “I can’t say too much, but we’re going to be dealing with Robert, Sol, Grace, and Frankie in a way in that we haven’t seen before,”
  • Thanks to IMDb, it’s been confirmed that Michael Charles Roman who plays that role of Adam will be back in season 7.
  • Nick, a long-time fan favorite has been confirmed to be returning for the seventh season. He’ll be appearing in episode 2.

That’s all we have, for now, we’ll keep you posted on all things Grace and Frankie season 7 as we learn more.

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