‘Heartbreak High’ Season 2 2024 Netflix Release Date & What We Know So Far

The Australian teen series has been renewed at Netflix and will return in 2024.

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heartbreak high season 2 netflix renewal status everything we know so far

Heartbreak High – Picture: Netflix

Netflix’s teen Australian reboot of Heartbreak High was released in September 2022, but will it return for a second season? Early reports suggested the show had been renewed as of early October, and then we got official confirmation soon after. Here’s what we know about season 2 of Heartbreak High on Netflix.

Rebooting the 90s show (available in full in most regions of Netflix around the globe), Heartbreak High is a modernized high school romance drama comparable to Netflix’s other titles in the genre, such as Elite and this year’s Heartstopper.

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First announced in December 2020, the series was eventually released on September 14th, 2022.

It was released to high critical praise, with many reviews praising the show’s diversity, with characters from different races, genders, and disabilities represented.

Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled Heartbreak High?

On October 19th, 2022, Netflix Australia confirmed we’d return for a second season.

Per a press release:

“School is officially back in session, as Netflix has announced Heartbreak High will return for Season 2.

Produced by Fremantle Australia and NewBe, season 2 of Heartbreak High will see the talented cast and creators reassemble in Sydney (Gadigal, Dharug, Dharawal and Ku-ring-gai lands), Australia for pre-production and filming.”

heartbreak high season 2 renewal photo

Heartbreak High season 2 renewal picture – Picture courtesy of Netflix

As you’ll see below, the series had a rough start on Netflix, failing to perform well beyond the borders of Australia. There was no doubt many reasons for this (not least because of reps for the show actively discouraging coverage), but despite its initial road bump, the series went on to find an audience and do the numbers.

The Guardian’s Michael Sun (who previously worked at Netflix Australia as a culture editor) noted that the series had been boosted thanks to TikTok (a phenomenon we’ve seen before lifting titles like Ginny & Georgia and Purple Hearts). As of the time of publishing, the show had amassed 12.5B views on TikTok, likely driving eyeballs onto Netflix.

The show was rumored to have been renewed ahead of Netflix’s confirmation with The Daily Telegraph in Australia first reporting on October 2nd that the show had been renewed for a second season.

heartbreak high netflix september 2022

Picture: Netflix

When will Heartbreak High season 2 be on Netflix?

On May 28th, 2023, Netflix ANZ on Twitter confirmed that the second season had begun production.

In addition, TVTonight.com.au posted a first-look video of the cast completing their first table read plus also confirmed some of the returning cast:

“Returning cast include Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, Chloé Hayden, Will McDonald, Chika Ikogwe and Gemma Chua-Tran.”

Netflix confirmed in July 2023 that the show would be returning in 2024.

Sam Rechner and Kartanya Maynard joins Heartbreak High season 2 cast

On July 7th, 2023 Netflix confirmed that two new cast members had joined season 2:

  • Sam Rechner will play Rowan Callaghan, “an unassuming country boy with a dry wit and a passion for classic cinema who finds himself thrown headfirst into the chaos of Hartley High and a truly epic love triangle.”
  • Kartanya Maynard will play Zoe Clarke, “an opinionated celibacy advocate who, along with her gang of Puriteens, threatens to bring down the SLT class from within.”

All the returning cast members include:

  • Ayesha Madon
  • Chloe Hayden
  • Thomas Weatherall
  • James Majoos
  • Asher Yasbincek
  • Will McDonald
  • Gemma Chua-Tran
  • Sherry-Lee Watson
  • Bryn Chapman Parish
  • Josh Heuston
  • Brodie Townsend
  • Chika Ikogwe
  • Rachel House

How well did Heartbreak High perform on Netflix?

As we noted above, Heartbreak High got off to a poor start on Netflix around the globe.

Let’s start with the raw Netflix top 10 figures collected by FlixPatrol.

Even in Australia, the show only reached #5 in the first few days before hitting the top spot for September 21st and 22nd before tailing off.

Below, you can see a global heatmap as to where the show performed the best. Australia and New Zealand naturally saw the highest numbers, but countries within Eastern Europe and South Africa also performed well.

flixpatrol top 10 data for heartbreak high netflix

Heat map for Heartbreak High and points tally in first month on Netflix – Picture: FlixPatrol

Moving on, Netflix’s top 10 site didn’t feature Heartbreak High in week 1, suggesting the number was under 12.22M. This led us to report that Heartbreak High was considered a flop.


Following the show’s success on social media, viewership rose, and the show featured in the top 10s for weeks 2 and 3, showing a particularly impressive hold from the second to the third week.

The show remained in the global TV (English) top 10s for 3 weeks picking up 42.61 million hours globally between September 18th and October 9th, 2022.

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
September 18th, 2022 to September 25th, 2022 18,250,000 6 1
September 25th, 2022 to October 2nd, 2022 14,880,000 (-18%) 5 2
October 2nd, 2022 to October 9th, 2022 9,480,000 (-36%) 8 3

How about external demand for the show?

TelevisionStats.com provides some insight into more traditional sources (such as Wikipedia, Google Search Trends, Twitter, Reddit, etc) but notably doesn’t feature TikTok.

As a result, the show only ever became the 28th most in-demand show since its release.

televisionstats heartbreak high netflix

Demand for Heartbreak High – Picture: TelevisionStats.com

Are you happy to see Heartbreak High returning for a second season? Let us know in the comments down below.

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