House of Cards Season 6: Release Date, Renewal Status and Final Season?

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House of Cards Season 6

House of Cards has set itself up perfectly for a sixth season although a sixth season has yet to be confirmed by Netflix. It’s almost certain that Netflix will renew and release another season of its darling series that stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. Below, we’ll take a look at the direction the show could go, what’s next for the Underwoods, whether it’s been renewed and when it would potentially release.

Now in its fifth season, House of Cards was one of the first ever Netflix Originals and really was the shining example of how a streaming show should and can be. The series brought on the talents of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright to play a pair of political heavyweights who will literally stop at nothing to get what they wanted. We’ve seen him start as Majority Whip before moving onto Vice President and eventually, the President. Since it’s first airing, the show has earned multiple Golden Globes and many other awards too.

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What’s Next for the Underwoods?

Season 5 was a climatic season for House of Cards, the election is now over but victory isn’t quite as it seems. The ongoing scandal spearheaded by the investigations from Hammerschmidt threatens the Underwood presidency now headed up by Claire. There are still plenty of people, including Doug who could bring down the two. With Claire in the driving seat and Frank sidelined, this won’t do any good for their relationship and we’re likely to see the two battle it out.

Elsewhere, we think that growing strains between the US and Russia will continue to have a factor with Petrov using any chance he gets to poke holes in an Underwood government. Also how the growing contempt at war from the US people will also no doubt play a big role in season 6.

As the body count stacks, the idea that the House of Cards is about to fall is looking more and more possible.

Claire Underwood has her most prolific season yet on House of Cards

Season 6 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Last Updated (05/31/2017) – Not Yet Renewed

House of Cards has never been ordered in bulk rather Netflix opting to announce further seasons shortly after each new one drops on Netflix. Given what we discussed above and seemingly all parties on board and ready for a season 6. It seems like an absolute given at this point that the show will be renewed. Announcements will come before the summer is out.

Story-wise, there’s plenty of ways the series can continue and Claire even stated so at the end stating that it was her turn.

Keep checking back where we’ll update this page the second the show gets renewed.

When will Season 6 of House of Cards be on Netflix?

Given Netflix is not as much on a timeline as other TV networks it means the show can be flexible when it comes to release schedules. The first three seasons were released on a strictly annual basis although that’s somewhat slipped. Here’s the release schedule so far:

  • Season 1 – February 1st, 2013
  • Season 2 – February 14th, 2014
  • Season 3 – February 28th, 2015
  • Season 4 – March 4th, 2016
  • Season 5 – May 30th, 2017

Given this timeline, we suspect we’ll see season 6 on Netflix in 2018 but when is not exactly sure. Netflix likes to release the show fairly early in the year so it’s likely that a Q2 2018 release is likely. That means a February, March, April or even a May 2018 release date is possible. We’ll know for certain in the first two months of 2018.

We hope that gives you some insight as to if and when a sixth season of House of Cards will be coming to Netflix. Do you want to see more of the Underwoods? Let us know in the comments below.

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