Is ‘Storage Wars’ on Netflix?

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Storage Wars – A&E Networks

You can’t beat a good reality series and when it comes to bingeable reality series, not much comes to close to Storage Wars. Can you stream Storage Wars on Netflix around the world? We’ll look into the streaming deals in place and some alternatives you can stream. 

The premise of the show is simple. A group of individuals tour America looking at storage lots that have been abandoned and bid on their contents to try and flip a profit.

The series has seen countless spinoffs but in the United States and two international spin-offs too. More on that in a second.

Is Storage Wars on Netflix in the United States?

Storage Wars no longer resides on Netflix in the US. You’ll have a tough time streaming the series at length given it’s locked behind A&E’s own app but two seasons can be found on Amazon Prime and Hulu respectively.

Very long term subscribers of Netflix in the US will remember that Storage Wars has, at one point, streamed on Netflix. That was up until 2012 when A&E Networks decided it wouldn’t be renewing its contract with Netflix. It meant the removal of many A&E Shows including Storage Wars.

What happened to Storage Wars: Northern Treasures on Netflix US?

The first season of Storage Wars: Northern Treasures was streaming on Netflix up until June 2019 when it was removed. Don’t fear as the show is set to return on July 22nd, 2019 but only with the shows second season which concluded the Canadian versions run.

Where is Storage Wars streaming on Netflix?

Thanks to the guys over at Unogs, we do know that several regions of Netflix are streaming Storage Wars although in all cases, they’re tremendously out of date with only the very first season currently streaming.

The countries with access to season 1 of the American version of Storage Wars include Canada, Germany, Israel, Poland, South Africa, Spain, and Switzerland.

In conclusion, Netflix has a poor selection of Storage Wars content and in truth, you probably aren’t going to find a good location to watch all episodes of Storage Wars.

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