Jessica Jones Full Trailer Released

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Jessica Jones Full Length Trailer

The much anticipated trailer for Jessica Jones has just arrived and boy oh boy does it look good. In the first feature length trailer for the series set to premiere in late November 2015. Previously we’ve seen three teaser trailers with very little dialogue and very little context too. This trailer is different however as it shows us some of the story we can expect and more importantly the tone of what’s to come.

We hear the extent of Jessica Jones powers are flying and stopping a ‘slow moving car’.

It’s also the first time we get a glimpse into the baddie of the series played by ex-time lord David Tennant. Known as Purple Man or Dr. Zebediah Killgrave he has the ability to control people by releasing pheromones. In the trailer we a get split second shot of him screaming. He looks like a much different villain than Daredevil’s Kingpin as he takes a much more strategic and very Joker-esque approach at teasing and tormenting Jessica Jones.

David Tennant in Jessica Jones

David Tennant first look as Kilgrave

It’s also worth noting that we also get the first onscreen time in the trailer of Jessica Jone’s wife and star of his own Marvel series Luke Cage. As we mentioned above, Jessica Jones is one of the crown jewels in Netflix’s November 2015 lineup.

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Jessica Jones Full Trailer Released

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