Jessica Jones Season 2 Recap

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With Jessica Jones season 3 about to be released, it’s time to freshen up on the story of Jessica Jones so far! This is our recap of the second season of Jessica Jones and we’ve divulged into Season 1 in a previous article. Here’s your story recap on the Season 2 of Jessica Jones.

Season 2 was certainly far away from the same level of writing that made Season 1 so brilliant. Despite this, we can’t wait to see what they cook up for Season 3!

Jessica Jones Season 2 Recap

After Kilgrave was finally put down for good, Jessica Jones went back to her life as a Private Eye. With her name and abilities thrust into the limelight, it’s not long before more ghosts of her past catch up with her.

Jessica Jones Private Eye and Hero of New York City

After Kilgrave’s defeat at the hands of Jessica Jones, her fame skyrockets as she’s now known as a super-powered vigilante of New York City. Jones’ best friend Trish attempts to get Jessica to look into the mysterious organization IGH who gave Jones her powers, but she’s not interested in digging skeletons out of her closet.

Jones’ gets herself into trouble once again when another investigator, Pryce Cheng attempts to absorb her company into his own.  After Jones assaults the investigator he seeks out the Hogarth in the attempt to sue Jones.

Another IGH victim Rober “Whizzer” Coleman gets in contact with Jessica and shows her his superspeed powers. Coleman soon after dies in an apparent construction accident. She traces his medication to an abandoned building which she remembers being taken to and experimented on.

Freak Accidents

After finding the location and name of the doctor that had experimented on Simpson, she discovers the doctor had also died in a freak accident. Convinced that Simpson is behind the death of the doctor and Coleman she seeks him out.

Trish enlists the help of Malcolm (Jone’s neighbor and work partner) into investigating Jones’ past and IGH. With the help of Malcolm, Trish attempts to threaten a director that she had a sexual relationship with as a child actor, into giving her access to records at a hospital that he seemingly has influence over.

Trish fails in her attempt to threaten him. Running into Simpson, he reveals to Trish and Jones (Jessica tracked Trish down when she never answered the phone) that he isn’t the killer, he was only following Trish to keep her safe. Walker reveals another victim of IGH hunted Coleman and the Doctor down, he is then killed by the mysterious individual. Concerned for Trish’s safety Jones chose not to confront the killer.

Freak Like Me

Hogarth enlists the help of Jones to find some dirt after her law-firm partners try to out her. This is due to Hogarth being diagnosed with ALS, activating a health-related clause in the contract.

The new superintendent of the building Oscar Arocho attempts to evict Jones, fearing her powers.

Jone’s investigation into IGH leads her to a former doctor of IGH, Leslie Hansen. Hansen was one of the doctors that was in the building when Jones was brought in to be experimented on.  After getting in contact with Leslie thanks to Trish’s talk show, Jones arranges to meet with her.

The woman claiming to be Hansen, states that she had died but IGH brought her back to life, the powers were just a side effect. When Jones’ angers the woman, she escapes by using the same powers as Jessica. It’s then revealed that the head retrieved earlier was, in fact, the real Leslie Hansen.

Vigilante to Murderer?

Hogarth is fired by Cheng when she neglects his investigation into Jessica Jones. The lawyer was distracted by her condition and had been looking into euthanasia.

Cheng continues his attempt to discredit Jessica and even attempts to hire Malcolm who declines the job offer. Telling Jones of Cheng’s attempted employment of Malcolm, she promises to be a better partner.

Meanwhile, Jones and Trish eventually find a former nurse of IGH living on the streets. She reveals that she was injured by a mysterious woman and soon left the company afterward. the pair promise to keep her from harm.

Hoping to find some dirt that can be used on Jones, Cheng sends someone to steal from Jones’ office. The mysterious woman reappears once again and completely tears the man asunder. When Jones arrives at the scene of the crime, she is arrested. Trish also gets arrested in her failed attempt to save Jones when she uses an IGH performance enhancer. Malcolm is seen taking Nurse Green to safety.

Bail Out

Jones is released by Detective Eddy Costa on the agreement that she keeps him up to date with her investigation. As for Trish, she is bailed out by her overbearing mother. Trish begins to feel the side effects of using the IGH performance enhancer. Struggling with going cold turkey, she takes the drug again.

Nurse Green is taken to Hogarth by Malcolm and is placed in her protection. Jones meets with an inmate that was framed for the murder of another nurse who was killed by the super-powered woman.

After picking up on a clue that connects the inmate to the IGH doctor that experimented on her, it leads Jones to the aquarium. Recognizing the doctor as Karl Malus, he is seen with the mysterious woman. Jones is caught spying on the pair by the mysterious woman who then proceeds to smash a glass enclosure to help cover their escape.

Kicking the habit

Fueled by her addiction to the IGH drug, Trish seeks out criminals to beat up.

Jones finds security footage and discovers that Dr. Malus drugged the woman during their escape. In the hope of finding more info on the doctor, Jones sends Malcolm to his former university to investigate Malus.

Finding a connection to Malus, Jones seeks out Justis Ambrose who had been paying Malus for years. She soon learns that Malus successfully cured Ambrose’s son of a fatal genetic disorder. Jones still threatens Ambrose to try and find where Malus is.

Nurse Green reveals to Hogarth of a patient who had the ability to heal people by touch. Meanwhile, Jones finds the home of Malus but discovers the woman also there, seemingly living with the doctor. Her shocking revelation reveals her to be the mother of Jessica Jones.

The truth revealed?

The shocking truth is revealed by Alisa Jones as she tells Jessica what really happened on the day of the fatal car accident.

The late Dr. Leslie Hansen had been secretly taking patients from hospitals to become test subjects for IGH. Jessica was a rousing success and was returned to the hospital within weeks, whereas her mother was critically injured and her treatment took years. The side effects were stronger on Alisa, changing her appearance, giving her super strength but terrible mood swings.

After escaping from the IGH facility, Alisa sought out Jones and discovered her with her then-boyfriend Stirling Adams. Alisa wrongly believing Stirling to be exploiting her daughter murders him in a fit of rage, only for Jessica to find her dead boyfriend’s murdered corpse.

Alisa returned to IGH to seek help from Malus to cure her side effects. Distraught by this revelation, Jones attempts to attack her mother, unforgiving of her actions. Malus is able to sedate Jessica, leaving her unconscious.


After sleeping with Trish, Malcolm as a former addict realizes that Trish has become an addict to the IGH drug. Refusing to admit her addiction, Malcolm then takes his leave and continues his investigation into Hogarth’s partners. Malcolm soon discovers that Benowitz frequently visits a gay bar, which is unknown to his wife. Malcolm tricks the man into believing that Chou had hired him to find dirt on Benowitz. Unknowingly Benowitz gives Malcolm dirt that he needed on Chou.

After leaving the gay bar, a group of homophobic men attacks Malcolm, mistaking him for being gay. Having followed Malcolm, Trish arrives to save him and gives him the IGH drug to help him heal. The drug is too much for him, he panics and runs away.

Hogarth continued her investigation into the man who can heal people with his hands. Now behind bars, Hogarth takes him on as a client.

Jessica successfully calls the police to the home of Malus, but he escapes. Determined to show Jessica that she is still the same mother who raised her, Alisa stays with Jessica. But when Jessica is hit by a stray bullet by police officers, Alisa loses it.


Cheng discovers that Alisa was responsible for killing his man and tries to kill her. Hitting Jessica instead of Alisa, in a fit of rage Alisa, chases after him. Before she can kill him, Jones is able to knock him out, convincing her mother there is another solution than just murder.

Shane is released from prison and attempts to use his healing powers on Hogarth.

Trish, still high from the IGH goes off the rails on her radio show and quits. She’s then offered a job on a TV series but realizes she’s run out of the IGH drug.

After becoming romantically involved with Oscar, Jessica helps him find his son Vido after his ex-wife kidnaps him. Alisa helps Jessica save Vido, using her powers for good.

Despite her good actions and wanting a life with Jessica helping people, she still thinks killing Cheng is the only option to protect Jessica. Cheng is freed by Jessica but Alisa pursues him, but when she is surrounded by police officers she surrenders.

To the raft?

After the events of the Superhuman civil war, a prison was designed to house super-powered beings. Alisa is threatened with a sentence to the raft but Hogarth is able to arrange a plea deal, only if she gives up Malus.

Trish struggling with her withdrawal messes up her audition. She does overhear on the news about the arrest of Alisa and seeks out Jones.

Jones explains everything to Trish and Malcolm but insists they stay out of the way. She attempts to get Malus to a different country without extradition so her mother can talk to Malus freely, without the fear of being arrested. He reveals to Jones that he never treated Shane Ryback.

Jessica tells Hogarth about Ryback but she fails to listen. Hogarth learns the hard way when her home is robbed by Ryback and Nurse Green, and she realizes there was never a cure.

Going against Jessica’s wishes, Trish and Malcolm attempt to track down Malus. Jessica accidentally kills a guard in self-defense when she confronts a violent guard that had been tormenting Alisa.

The return of Kilgrave!?

Jessica tries to cover her tracks by making Holiday’s death look like a suicide. Her first murder since the death of Kilgrave, this brings on hallucinations of her rapist.

After finding Malus, Trish betrays Malcolm by knocking him out. She wants abilities like Jessica and asks Malus to experiment on her. Jessica arrives with Malus’ passport but finds him gone. She is able to track Malcolm and Trish down but the latter is able to escape with Malus.

Angered by his lack of trust Jessica and Malcolm mutually decides to end their working relationship.

Jessica arrives at an old IGH facility and stops Malus from carrying out the procedure that gave her, her powers on Trish. Hallucinating Kilgrave once again, Jessica almost gives in the temptation to murder Malus. Stopping herself from killing him, Malus decides to take his own life and in the process destroys the facility.

Trish is taken to a hospital by Jessica, meanwhile, Alisa hears of Malus’ death on the news, kills her new guard and escapes captivity.

Alisa’s Wrath

Angered by the death of Malus, Alisa deducts that Trish is responsible for his death. After learning that Trish has been hospitalized, she goes to the hospital with murderous intent.

Despite being protected by Jessica, Alisa still attempts to murder Trish. When detective Costa arrives with his partner Ruth Sunday they attempt to arrest Alisa. Jessica is unable to talk her mother down, and when Alisa attempts to escape she grabs Sunday and jumps out the window. Alisa lets Sunday fall to her death. Angered by this development, Costa warns Jessica to stay out of the way of the police.

In secret, Jessica arranges to meet with Alisa at Trish’s apartment. Trish is angered by Jessica’s actions at not allowing her to go through with the procedure but begins to have violent convulsions.

Hogarth gets her revenge on Green and Ryback by convincing the former that Ryback had conned multiple women. Giving Green a gun, the former nurse shoots Ryback and Hogarth phones the police.

Jessica can not bring herself to kill her own mother but is knocked out and kidnapped by Alisa.

Goodbye Mom

Pissed off by Alisa’s apparent kidnapping, Jessica initially resists Alisa’s plan. She eventually comes to terms with what her mother wants and helps her head to the US-Mexico border.

Along the way, the superhuman pair save a family. Alisa is tempted to murder the family as to not leave any witnesses of the mother and daughters abilities, but Jessica convinces her otherwise. Oscar’s attempts to help Jessica with new papers to get across the border are thwarted when he realizes he is being followed. Alisa and Jessica change direction and head to the Canadian border instead.

The pair are confronted by a police roadblock. They drive to an amusement park while they await their eventual confrontation with the police. Trish discovers where Jessica is located when she remembers that the Jone family had visited the theme park when Jessica was a kid.

Alisa decides she will turn herself in so Jessica won’t be blamed for her mother’s actions. Before Jessica can convince her mother otherwise, a gunshot hits Alisa directly to the head, killing her instantly. Jessica distraught discovers that Trish had shot her mother.

Jessica allows Trish to leave but is later confronted by the latter outside her office. Still grieving for the loss of her mother, Jessica pushes Trish away, upset that her adoptive Sister killed her last family member. She disowns Trish as her sister.

Soon after Trish would learn that her reflexes had been greatly heightened, therefore, the procedure on her must have been a success. Malcolm gives Hogarth all the dirt he had on her partners, which allows her to leave the business and start her own firm to which Malcolm begins working for under Cheng’s agency. As for Jessica, she tries to find some normality in her life with her boyfriend Oscar.

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